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Sometimes we forget that the Jeep Renegade is sold worldwide. So it makes sense that sometimes a new version from Jeep might break someplace other than the US. Thus, we present what should be the 2023 Jeep Renegade, which is the just unveiled 2022 Renegade in Brazil. In a few weeks we’ll get to see the same thing, but why wait? This is essentially the 2023 Jeep Renegade for the US.

What’s different from the current Renegade?

2023 Jeep Renegade
2023 Jeep Renegade | Jeep

There are images for both the interior and exterior that show subtle updates. Though looking similar to the current Renegade, the Brazilian version gets a reworked front end. New DLRs are also new for the 2022 model, which should carry over to our 2023 Renegade. In the rear, a new bumper and modified taillights update the Jeep. 

With the T270 badges, we can assume that the next Renegade will get the 1.3-liter T270 turbo-flex engine. That means 180 hp with gasoline, and a bump of five hp with ethanol. Torque is the same for either version at 199 lb-ft. With the two-wheel-drive versions, a six-speed automatic transmission is the drivetrain. With the all-wheel-drive models, a nine-speed automatic is the transmission you get. 

Is this the Renegade Trailhawk?

 | Jeep
2023 Jeep Renegade | Jeep

Inside, an 8.4-inch infotainment screen is the main update. Also in the cards is a newly-designed steering wheel and digital instrument cluster. Overall, these images represent the Trailhawk version of the Renegade

Of course, the Trailhawk trim is the flagship for the Renegade. Trailhawk badging is seen on the seats, and the Trail Rated badge is also sprinkled around. So why did Brazil get the jump on the US?

Renegade sold well in Brazil

2023 Jeep Renegade
2023 Jeep Renegade | Jeep

It is probably because the Renegade lead the compact SUV segment in Brazil for 2021. Over 350,000 Renegades have been sold there since 2015, according to CarScoops. To give a comparison, in the US, the Renegade sold around 100,000 in both 2017 and 2018. The numbers dipped in 2019 to almost 77,000; and 62,847 sold in 2020. So the Brazilian numbers aren’t that far off from the US, but with substantially less population. 

Now under the Stellantis umbrella, we’ll be seeing more models from all of its brands comingled and spread worldwide. Otherwise, what would be the point of combining forces under the Stellantis consortium? What might Peugeot or Citroen models become under Chrysler or Dodge branding? 

So while we’re seeing the Brazilian version of the Jeep Renegade, it goes without saying that this is the revised Renegade for the US. If Stellantis tries to sneak in new models into other countries first, well show you as a prelude to that same model coming to the US.