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2023 Jaguar F-Type Coupe and Convertible availability, pricing, and features article highlights:

  • The 2023 Jaguar F-Type Coupe and Convertible are on sale right now
  • It’s still available solely with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 in 444-hp P450 RWD and R-Dynamic AWD form as well as 575-hp R form
  • A base 2023 F-Type P450 Coupe starts at $73,400; an R Convertible starts at $111,200

If you want a two-door or drop-top Jaguar in 2022, the F-Type is your only option. But being the sole choice doesn’t make it a poor one. Not only is the F-Type one of the few V8-powered coupes still available, but it wraps that V8 in a sharp, luxurious suit. The seasons, though, are a-changing, which means it’s time for the next model year to roll in. And here’s what that means for the 2023 Jaguar F-Type.

Don’t worry, the Jaguar F-Type isn’t discontinued for 2023

A yellow 2023 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe parked on a gravel tree-lined drive
2023 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe | Jaguar

Although Jaguar has trimmed its passenger car lineup over the last few years, the F-Type isn’t going anywhere for 2023. And yes, Jaguar will continue selling both an F-Type Coupe and Convertible.

In addition, the 2023 F-Type offers the same trims as the 2022 F-Type–all two of them. The base trim is still the P450, and it’s available in RWD and AWD (R-Dynamic) form. And the F-Type R, which is only available with AWD, is still the range-topping version.

Regardless of which one you want, though, you don’t have to wait to order it. The 2023 Jaguar F-Type is already available in some dealerships, though inventory is understandably limited. But even if your local Jaguar dealership doesn’t have one in stock, its order books should already be open.

Is it still fast?

The rear 3/4 view of a yellow 2023 Jaguar F-Type P450 AWD R-Dynamic Convertible on a mountside road
2023 Jaguar F-Type P450 AWD R-Dynamic Convertible rear 3/4 | Jaguar
2023 Jaguar F-Type
Engine5.0-liter supercharged V8
HorsepowerP450: 444 hp
R: 575 hp
TorqueP450: 428 lb-ft
R: 516 lb-ft
TransmissionEight-speed automatic
Curb weightP450 Coupe: 3760 lbs (RWD), 3920 lbs (AWD)
R Coupe: 3920 lbs
P450 Convertible: 3785 lbs (RWD), 3945 lbs (AWD)
R Convertible: 3945 lbs
0-60 mph timeP450: 4.4 seconds
R: 3.5 seconds

Since the 2023 Jaguar F-Type is mechanically unchanged from 2022, it’s only available with a supercharged V8 and eight-speed automatic. And enjoy it while it lasts. Based on what Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré recently said, the F-Type will be the brand’s last gasoline-powered sports car. After this, it’s all EVs.

As before, the more powerful F-Type R is the faster version. And Car and Driver verified that Jaguar’s 3.5-second 0-60 claim for the R is accurate. Furthermore, its testing revealed that the 2023 F-Type R should run the ¼-mile in 11.7 seconds. That still makes it slower than the C8 Corvette, but it should keep up with a 911 Carrera.

What kind of features does the 2023 Jaguar F-Type offer?

The brown-leather seats and black dashboard of a white 2023 Jaguar F-Type P450 Coupe seen from the side
2023 Jaguar F-Type P450 Coupe interior | Jaguar

Although the P450 is the base 2023 Jaguar F-Type, its features list isn’t barren. Besides the supercharged V8, the P450 comes standard with an active exhaust, electronic limited-slip differential, and active rear spoiler. And it rides on adaptive shocks as well as 20” wheels.

Furthermore, it has six-way power-operated sports seats, all-LED lighting, a 10” center touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, and a 380-watt Meridian sound system. Plus, plenty of leather upholstery and chrome trim as well as rain-sensing wipers and heated exterior mirrors. Also, the F-Type P450 comes standard with lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, front and rear parking sensors, and automatic emergency braking.

These are the RWD 2023 Jaguar F-Type P450’s features, by the way. In addition to AWD, the R-Dynamic trim gets an aluminum center console, 12-way power-operated seats with memory, some gloss-black exterior trim, and unique wheels and pedals. And the range-topping F-Type R gets a power tailgate, keyless entry, Windsor leather performance seats, upgraded interior lighting, and some R-specific exterior and interior trim.

As for options, you can swap out the 2023 F-Type Coupe’s body-colored roof for a fixed panoramic glass one. Whether you get a Coupe or Convertible, though, you can spec it with a 770-watt Meridian Surround-Sound system, suede or leather headliner, and a knurled-aluminum center console. If you want a heated steering wheel, it’s part of the Climate Pack, which also adds a heated windshield and dual-zone climate control. Meanwhile, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert come with the Blind Spot Assist Pack.

How much does the 2023 Jaguar F-Type cost?


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Although it’s not as cheap as the now-discontinued four-cylinder model, the 2023 Jaguar F-Type is still the brand’s cheapest coupe. And the same applies to the F-Type Convertible and roadsters. Fortunately, it’s only slightly more expensive than the 2022 model:

  • 2023 F-Type P450:
    • RWD Coupe: $73,400
    • R-Dynamic Coupe: $83,900
    • RWD Convertible: $76,700
    • R-Dynamic Convertible: $87,200
  • 2023 F-Type R:
    • Coupe: $108,500
    • Convertible: $111,200

As of this writing, Jaguar hasn’t released any details about the upcoming special-edition F-Type. But since it won’t arrive until later this year, it might hit U.S. shores as a 2024 model, rather than a 2023 one. However, you don’t have to wait that long to enjoy this sleek, stylish Jag.

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