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Honda keeps teasing us with new information about the 2023 Honda HR-V. The company released new images of the HR-V’s interior.  

Overall, the HR-V is getting a full makeover for 2023. The new pictures show a stylish semi-floating console with a shift lever. Interestingly, the new interior looks like its trimmed in black leather and you can see one USB charge port.

The 2023 HR-V looks more luxurious than the 2022 HR-V

The interior of the 2023 Honda HR-V.
2023 Honda HR-V interior | Honda

In the second picture you can see the rear seats of the 2023 Honda HR-V fold flat. You can also see a large infotainment screen on the dash.

While the pics that Honda is releasing will likely show the highest-end version, what is currently the EX-L, of the new HR-V, they are telling that Honda is taking the segment seriously.

The 2022 HR-V has a simple, yet functional dash, that is dominated by climate vents, including one that has three different horizontal vents that aim air at the front seat passenger. It, too, has a console-mounted shifter, however its screen seems smaller that the one pictured in the 2023 HR-V.

Honda promises a larger cargo area, too

The cargo area of the 2022 Honda HR-V folds flat.
2023 Honda HR-V cargo area | Honda

Honda is touting its Honda Simplicity Motif in new design sketches. The company’s interiors have always been functional (and sometimes weird), but never have they been considered sleek or modern. It looks like Honda is picking up on some of the cues from Kia’s new modern design language and adding lots of mid-century design elements like floating horizontal lines, brushed aluminum, and recessed dials.

Some of Honda’s cars – we’re looking at you, Acura MDX – have interiors so complicated that you need have a manual in your head to learn to use all the buttons, switches, dials, pads and toggles.

The new design language could mean more stylish interiors

Honda says the new Simplicity Design language will be featured in its new cars.
Honda Simplicity Design | Honda

The 2023 Honda HR-V may be the “small” crossover from Honda compared to a CR-V, but it’s growing. The current HR-V is built on the compact Honda Fit platform. The new HR-V will be built on the slightly larger Civic platform. That means the new crossover will have a larger footprint, which could translate to better handling, but will have more room.

The 2023 Honda HR-V interior will also be larger

The 2023 Honda HR-V subcompact SUV in red with new athletic styling
2023 Honda HR-V | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

We are waiting for the full reveal but we do know a lot about the 2023 Honda HR-V. The new platform also means the HR-V will have more engine options. The Civic is built on a solid platform that already comes in several flavors. The 2022 Civic can be ordered as a four-door with a 2-liter four-cylinder with 158 horsepower in the LX and Sport variants. In LX trim, it can achieve mileage as high as 40 mpg combined. Most Civics come with a CVT, transmission, but a six-speed manual is available. The HR-V was never a performance car, though.

The Civic can be ordered in Sport Touring trim. The Sport Touring version offers a large hatchback that boots cargo volume to 25 cubic feet, over the 14 cubic feet in the sedans.

The current Civic is also an award winner and was named the North American Car of the Year in 2021.

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