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Did Honda just give us an early present for the holiday season? It sure feels like the anticipation for the new 2023 Honda Pilot is similar to a child awaiting their first present of the holiday season. Sometime next month, we finally get to take the wrapping off and play with this new Honda three-row SUV. Let’s see what it brings to the table.

Why should we get excited by the new 2023 Honda Pilot?

2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport off-roading
2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport | Honda

Honda finally delivers the next generation of its three-row SUV. This new Pilot has more passenger and cargo room than any before it. We’ve heard a lot about the new TrailSport trim, which offers impressive off-road qualities, but that’s not where the new Pilot ends.

We’ll see five trim levels of the Honda Pilot SUV when it goes on sale next month. These trims are:

  • Sport
  • EX-L
  • TrailSport
  • Touring
  • Elite

Does this three-row SUV have more horsepower than before?

Yes, although we’ll still see the venerable 3.5-liter V6 engine under the new, longer hood of the Pilot, it has more power than ever. This new Honda SUV delivers 285 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. This improved engine mates perfectly with a refined and responsive 10-speed automatic transmission giving this three-row SUV a smooth and comfortable drive.

What are the new features of the 2023 Honda Pilot?

Red 2023 Honda Pilot Driving on a Wilderness Trail in the Rain
2023 Honda Pilot | Honda

Sit back and get ready for a long list. This next-generation Pilot SUV offers:

  • An impressive rugged exterior design
  • Upgraded V6 engine
  • Second-generation i-VTM4 torque-vectoring AWD system
  • Improved interior
  • Class-leading passenger space
  • Multi-function removable second-row seats
  • Larger cargo area
  • 10.2-inch digital instrument display
  • 9-inch HD touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Seven available drive modes, including Sport, Tow, and Trail modes
  • Honda Sensing system with new wide-view camera and radar
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Next-gen front passenger airbag
  • Trail torque logic optimized off-road performance AWD (TrailSport trim)
  • TrailWatch camera system for off-road navigation

You don’t have to leave the second-row seat behind with this SUV

If you want more cargo room, typically achieved by folding the rear seats, you can remove the second row of the 2023 Honda Pilot and store it under the rear cargo floor. This feature is part of the Touring and Elite trims while offering the desired passenger and cargo versatility.

Honda upgraded the seats in the 2023 Pilot three-row SUV

Entering a new generation of this impressive Honda SUV, we see a new set of Body Stabilizing Seats that are designed to reduce fatigue on long drives. These seats provide the comfort and relaxing feeling desired whether you’re commuting to work or taking a road trip.

Pricing for this new Honda SUV is coming soon

Blue 2023 Honda Pilot Elite Posed
Blue 2023 Honda Pilot Elite Posed | Honda

Even though we’ve learned a lot about the new 2023 Honda Pilot, we don’t have the pricing details yet. This new SUV will arrive next month. We expect to know the pricing structure before that time.

Will you admire the new tough exterior of the 2023 Honda Pilot SUV?

When you see the new Pilot, you’ll see a package of exterior appearance qualities that offer the look you want to admire. This new SUV features:

  • A large upright grille
  • Strong horizontal beltline
  • Aggressively flared fenders
  • Pulled back A-pillars
  • Long hood
  • Body-color roof spoiler
  • New LED taillights

Each trim of this new three-row SUV brings a uniqueness to make it stand out from many other models. If you’ve been waiting for this new midsize three-row crossover SUV from Honda, it’s almost here. That child-like holiday anticipation is nearly at an end.

Learn more about the new 2023 Honda Pilot three-row SUV in the video below:


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