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We don’t often think of a midsize three-row SUV as being sporty or fun to drive, but the new 2023 Honda Pilot can be both. These SUVs usually work well for families puttering around from one place to another, but the Pilot brings a more engaging driving experience to be a bit more fun.

How does Honda make the new 2023 Pilot more fun to drive?

Don’t expect sports car performance around any corner, but the all-new chassis and stiffer body structure make this midsize three-row SUV sportier and more engaging. Honda upgraded the rigidity of this new platform with the off-road TrailSport trim in mind, but this gives the Pilot the added benefit of better on-road driving dynamics.

Will you feel less body roll in this new Honda SUV?

2023 Honda Pilot Cabin Area
2023 Honda Pilot Cabin Area | Honda

The new structural integrity of the 2023 Honda Pilot results in better handling and more refined ride quality. The entire Pilot lineup enjoys an improvement of 60% in front lateral rigidity and a 30% increase in rear lateral rigidity.

The ride is also much smoother because of the larger size of this midsize three-row SUV. The new Pilot has a wheelbase that’s 2.8 inches longer and a track that’s 1.1 inches wider than the previous model. This larger footprint improves the stability of this Honda SUV.

Did the suspension of the 2023 Honda Pilot receive upgrades?

Honda gives the new Pilot a new set of retuned MacPherson struts in the front and an all-new multilink rear suspension making it more fun, confident, agile, and precise on any road. This added driving pleasure also comes in with the improved ride quality of this impressive Honda SUV.

Rather than tossing more percentages at you, if you drive in the new Pilot, you’ll feel a smoother ride that doesn’t bounce around as much as it did in previous generations.

The Pilot has class-leading steering and stability

Blue 2023 Honda Pilot Elite Posed
Blue 2023 Honda Pilot Elite Posed | Honda

The three-row midsize SUV class has become one of the most popular categories in the market. The new 2023 Honda Pilot leads the entire class in terms of stability and steering. This is the result of an improved variable steering ratio that improves the response time and geometry of the drive.

Does this new 2023 Honda Pilot stop better than before?

This new Honda SUV has larger front brake rotors, measuring 13.8 inches compared to the 12.6-inch models from the 2022 Pilot SUV. This new model also has larger calipers and a shorter brake pedal stroke, which improves the stopping power you’ll need when you let this SUV be fun on the road.

Of course, these larger brakes translate to better stopping power in adverse conditions and emergency situations, helping you stay out of trouble on wet or snow-covered roads.

An off-road feature for every Pilot

Light Blue 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Playing on dirt trails
2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport | Honda

All models of this new three-row midsize SUV have Honda’s Hill Descent Control. This system first debuted in the smaller HR-V and CR-V crossovers, but now it’s standard for every Pilot. The Hill Descent Control feature is great when you take this SUV out on some trails or face a wet descent on the road.

A final cherry on top for a better ride in the 2023 Honda Pilot

Added acoustic spray foam insulation, fender liners, thicker carpet, and sound-absorbing technology improve this new Honda SUV’s driving experience. These features reduce wind, road, and powertrain noises that might otherwise enter the cabin and disrupt your driving pleasure.

Next, learn more about the new Pilot’s power and refinement or watch the video below about this impressive Honda SUV.


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