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We still don’t have a specific 2023 Honda HR-V release date, and we’ve been sustaining ourselves on new HR-V spy photos… until now.

Honda released a short press article early Monday morning, gifting us with a few key details—but still withholding a lot of specifics. Read on to see what we know about the 2023 HR-V, and when we’ll be able to learn more.

2023 Honda HR-V Sport in Urban Gray Pearl
2023 Honda HR-V Sport in Urban Gray Pearl | Honda

Larger dimensions for the 2023 HR-V will likely increase passenger and cargo space

Specific measurements and specs are still being kept a secret, but Honda has shared that the new 2023 Honda HR-V—which is based on the 11th-generation Civic—will have a longer wheelbase and will be wider than the 2022 HR-V. At the moment, we’re not sure by how much.

More than likely, this means that the 2023 HR-V will offer both more cargo space and more passenger space than in previous models. The assumed goal is to create an even more versatile crossover that offers more competitive interior space while still staying small enough to navigate in tight cities.

Admittedly, that is a well-loved vehicle. Weekend warriors are always looking for the perfect urban-friendly SUV, and the new HR-V might be it.

A fresh look up front may be polarizing

As with any new redesign, the 2023 HR-V gets a whole new look—and its new face is a little polarizing. It features an aggressive, scooped hood and maze-like grille pattern. Honda calls it a “clean, sporty and expressive” design, but giving such a bold, new-age look to a compact crossover that likely will never pursue sport excellence is a little much. 

Some like the new ‘do, some are… let’s say less-than impressed.

CNET reports that this is a specific 2023 HR-V version for the U.S. It’s different in overall styling than the model that debuted for European audiences. The Euro version of the HR-V is distinctly more coupe-y than the version we’ll be receiving here in America, and it really leans into the very American idea of “bigger is better.” The new 2023 HR-V also receives a tailgate spoiler that is specifically referred to as “functional”, which seems like an odd thing to need to call out.

A new, more powerful engine?

Say it’s so! All Honda says that the new HR-V will have “more responsive engine.” The current-gen HR-V comes standard with a measly 141-horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, so most anything would be an improvement.

Since the 2023 model is based on the 2022 Civic, we can hope the new HR-V will see one (or both?) of the Civic engine options. A 180-horsepower turbo HR-V would be pretty sweet.

2023 HR-V colors and trim levels

Current 2023 Honda HR-V colors include Modern Steel Metallic, Nordic Forest Pearl, Milano Red, and Urban Gray Pearl. We can guess by the YouTube video that Honda shared this morning that there will likely be even more colors available for the all-new HR-V when it is officially released.

New 2023 HR-V trim levels haven’t yet been confirmed, but on Honda’s Future Cars page for the HR-V, we do see an HR-V Sport and EX-L. We’ll likely see the same rundown of trim levels for the 2023 model as we see for the 2022 model—possibly with one or two special-edition variants.

Side profile of a 2023 Honda HR-V subcompact SUV in Urban Gray Pearl on an empty city street
2023 Honda HR-V Sport in Urban Gray Pearl | Honda

2023 Honda HR-V release date and price

Honda is keeping a tight lip on the 2023 HR-V’s expected release date. The best we’ve got is that it will be “arriving later this year” and “set to launch this summer.” The automaker encourages interested customers to get on their mailing list for more info over the coming months.

Pricing for the new 2023 HR-V is also being kept under wraps. We estimate that the new model will still start at under $25,000. The current 2022 HR-V starts at $21,870, and its sibling the Civic didn’t see a huge price jump after its recent redesign.

See Honda’s press release for more information, and check out Honda’s short release video.


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