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Honda has redesigned its most popular SUV, the CR-V, for the 2023 model year. For instance, the automaker reduced the number of trims to four and increased the interior space through larger proportions. Also, with Android Auto becoming increasingly popular, shoppers will be happy to know the latest Honda CR-V provides this feature on all trims. However, not all models support wireless connectivity. Find out which 2023 Honda CR-V trims have wireless Android Auto.

2023 Honda CR-V overview

2023 Honda CR-V wireless Android Auto
2023 Honda CR-V EX-L | Honda

The 2023 Honda CR-V offers four trims: the EX, EX-L, Sport Hybrid, and Sport Touring Hybrid. The EX starts at $31,110 and has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque. It pairs with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and though front-wheel drive is standard, you get the option of all-wheel drive.

According to Honda, the EX-L, Sport Hybrid, and Sport Touring Hybrid trims start at $33,760, $32,450, and $38,600. The EX-L shares the same powertrain as the EX but offers minor upgrades, such as leather-trimmed seats, a power tailgate, and four-way power adjustment on the front passenger seat.

The Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid pack a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a high-torque traction motor. This system produces a combined 204 hp. Also, though AWD is optional on the Sport Hybrid, it’s standard on the range-topping Sport Touring Hybrid.

Which 2023 Honda CR-V trims have wireless Android Auto?


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Android Auto is available with all 2023 Honda CR-V trims, including the base-model EX. However, only the two most expensive options — the EX-L and Sport Touring Hybrid — have wireless Android Auto.

The software brings Android smartphone apps to the CR-V’s infotainment screen, e.g., messages, maps, dialer, etc. With that, you don’t have to fiddle with your phone whenever you make a call or access navigation features.

To use wired Android Auto, you must connect your phone to the vehicle via a USB cable. Also, only phones with Android 8.0 or later are compatible. For wireless Android Auto to work, you need a phone with 5 GHz Wi-Fi support, Android 11.0 or later, and an active data plan.

According to Android Central, a new Android Auto update is available on the Google Play Store. It allows you to add app shortcuts to your car screen. Google also announced it would redesign the Android Auto UI to add extra functionality and make it easier to navigate between apps. However, the UI changes have yet to roll out.

Other audio and connectivity features in the 2023 CR-V

The 2023 Honda CR-V is also Apple CarPlay-compatible. As with Android Auto, you need a wired connection with the two lower trims, while the EX-L and Sport Touring Hybrid support a wireless link.

Bluetooth is standard on all trims with hands-free use and audio streaming capabilities. Also, in addition to USB outlets, there are 12-volt power outlets on the front console and in the cargo area for other devices.

EX and Sport Hybrid buyers get a 7.0-inch touchscreen, while those who pick the two upper trims get an upgraded 9.0-inch screen.

The sound system also depends on the trim. The two lower models feature a 240-watt six-speaker audio system. The EX-L comes with an eight-speaker 320-watt audio system. Buyers of the top trim get a Sport Touring Hybrid-exclusive Bose Premium sound system with a subwoofer in its 12-speaker setup.

In addition, they get a satellite-linked navigation system with extras like voice recognition and traffic incident data updates.