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Two highly successful models for the compact crossover SUV segment are the Honda CR-V and the Chevrolet Equinox. Both models have multiple strengths, but the 2023 Honda CR-V has one huge benefit over the 2023 Chevy Equinox: an excellent redesign.

2023 Honda CR-V has a redesign — but the 2023 Chevy Equinox hasn’t had one in 5 years

Front angle view of gray 2023 Honda CR-V compact crossover SUV
2023 Honda CR-V | Honda

While sales have remained strong for the CR-V in recent years, it was starting to show its age — and get overshadowed by some other compact SUVs. However, this all changed in 2023 with an impressive redesign for the 2023 Honda CR-V. It is much improved for the new model year. 

On the other hand, the 2023 Chevy Equinox is a carryover model. The current generation model has been in production for five years. For compact SUV shoppers that are drawn to the newest and freshest look in the automotive world, the CR-V is likely the preferred pick. While an all-new electric version of the Equinox is on the way, that’s not until the 2024 model year.

For the exterior, the CR-V nicely combines sophistication with ruggedness. Notable design elements include a large upright grille, a sleek roofline, and a long hood. There are also new vertical LED taillights, as well as a horizontal beltline along the side. 

The cabin has a stylish new design too. Plus, it’s more upscale than the Equinox, particularly for the upper trims. It contains high-quality materials, a modern and refined look, and many premium features. Also, the redesigned CR-V provides greater comfort with the new body-stabilizing seats, which the Equinox doesn’t offer. 

2023 CR-V has a new hybrid engine that gets higher fuel economy than the 2023 Equinox

Front angle view of white 2023 Chevy Equinox compact crossover SUV
2023 Chevy Equinox | Chevrolet

Another change for the 2023 Honda CR-V compact SUV is an upgraded hybrid engine, which has an increase in efficiency. Pairing a 2.0-liter engine with two electric motors, it gets an estimated fuel economy of up to 40 combined mpg.

This is much more efficient than the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox, which doesn’t offer a hybrid engine. The Equinox has an estimated gas mileage of up to 28 combined mpg. Also, even the fully gas-powered version of the CR-V gets higher fuel economy than the Equinox (30 combined mpg). This higher efficiency translates to more savings at the pump for compact SUV drivers. 

Other ways the Honda CR-V is better than the Chevy Equinox

There are other ways the 2023 CR-V is better than the 2023 Equinox. This includes superior performance with a greater engine output. The CR-V’s hybrid powertrain churns out 204 horsepower, while the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine delivers 190 horsepower. For the Equinox, there’s just one engine option: a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder, which generates 175 horsepower.

Also, for the redesign, the CR-V grew in size, resulting in a more spacious interior. It has a total passenger volume of 106 cu-ft and 41.3/41.0 inches of front/rear legroom, compared to 103.5 cu-ft and 40.9/39.9 inches in the Equinox. There’s also more cargo space in the CR-V. It provides 39.3 cu-ft of storage space behind the rear seats — and 76.5 cu-ft in total, while the Equinox has 29.9/63.9 cu-ft. 

Furthermore, the CR-V is safer. Unlike the Equinox, it earned a 2023 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award. Additionally, the CR-V has a new free maintenance plan, which provides coverage for factory-scheduled maintenance for up to two years or 24,000 miles. However, the Equinox doesn’t have a complimentary maintenance program. 

With its excellent design, the 2023 Honda CR-V has a huge benefit over the 2023 Chevy Equinox. For compact crossover SUV shoppers choosing between the two models, the redesign is an important consideration.


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