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The 2023 Honda Accord will show up in dealerships soon with an all-new design and tech features. The Japanese automaker recently announced that it included Google Built-in for “seamless on-the-go connectivity.” But what is Google Built-in, and why is it essential for anyone considering buying the forthcoming 2023 Accord?

2023 Honda Accord
2023 Honda Accord | Honda

The 2023 Accord will be the first Honda model to feature Google Built-in

2023 Honda Accord with Google Built-in
2023 Honda Accord with Google Built-in | Honda

This isn’t the first time Honda and Google have collaborated. Back in 2015, Honda struck a deal with Google to start incorporating Android Auto into its vehicles starting with the Accord. History is now repeating itself with the 2023 Accord, which will be the first model to feature the upgraded Google software.

What does Google Built-in include? Unlike Android Auto, which relies on the user connecting their smartphone to the car’s infotainment system to mirror the applications for use, the built-in Google software allows for use of the applications sans the phone. Those embedded applications include Google Maps and Google Assistant, which provide a hands-free experience.

Fortunately, the new software does a little more than tell you where the nearest grocery store is. According to Honda, users can talk to Google to make a phone call, text a friend, set a reminder, or even change the temperature in the car. The user can even look up directions or navigate to places just by using their voice.

There’s no need to touch buttons or take their eyes off the road to fiddle with the infotainment system and give a command.

The built-in Google software will allow for apps to be downloaded

2023 Honda Accord with Google Built-in
2023 Honda Accord with Google Built-in | Honda

Although Google Maps and Google Assistant are the highlights of the built-in software, they aren’t the only apps that can be used. To help eliminate further usage of their smartphones, users can download various in-vehicle applications directly from Google Play. Some of these apps include streaming services, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The only catch is that the built-in Google interface will only be available on the top-trim 2023 Honda Accord Touring. However, we suspect that it will trickle down to lower models and trim levels in the near future.

The 2023 Honda Accord Touring will come standard with more new tech features

2023 Honda Accord interior
2023 Honda Accord interior | Honda

4 Important Updates on the All-New 2023 Honda Accord

In addition to the new Google software, the all-new Honda Accord Touring will also come standard with many new tech features. These new features include a 10.2-inch driver information display, a 12.3-inch center touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity, a 6-inch head-up display, a wireless smartphone charger, and a 12-speaker Bose sound system.

The Accord Touring will also come with Honda’s upgraded Honda Sensing suite of safety features. New additions to this suite include a new front sensor and radar system for an expanded range of safety. Lastly, all of the new Accords will benefit from over-the-air (OTA) system and software updates, which is a first for any Honda vehicle.

It looks like the 2023 Honda Accord Touring will usher in a new range of tech-savvy features for the brand’s lineup. We can’t wait to see all of this stuff on other models.