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The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry have often competed for the top spot among new family cars. However, auto experts at Good Housekeeping say the 2023 Honda Accord is the best sedan for families in its list of the best new family cars for 2023. The Toyota Camry didn’t feature on any list, raising the question: why is the 2023 Honda Accord a better family sedan than Camry?

Why the 2023 Honda Accord is an excellent family sedan

A gray 2023 Honda Accord Touring midsize sedan model driving past a park with a blurred background
2023 Honda Accord Touring | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The Honda Accord is synonymous with affordability, according to Good Housekeeping. The model has consistently impressed American drivers for nearly half a century with its outstanding performance. Spacious enough for four adults, its vast, limousine-like back seat has made it a favorite among parents.

Car and Driver also notes that the Accord’s huge trunk can fit a surprising amount of grocery bags, equipment, suitcase, home repair goods, and just about anything you can throw in it. The car’s spacious interior, impeccable build quality, and driver-friendly experience have made the model a preferred option for many families. The auto expert explains that the 2023 Honda Accord wears an elegant design that’s arguably the prettiest ever applied on Honda’s venerable family sedan.

Owners can expect reliability, not just of efficiency or profoundly thought engineering, but also of consistency with the 2023 Accord. The car offers standard safety features, calm and controlled driving dynamics, and an overall excellent driving experience.

How does the Honda 2023 Accord stack up against the 2023 Toyota Camry?

The 2023 Honda Accord versus the 2023 Toyota Camry is a battle for affordability and reliability. The rivalry between these two contenders has raged for decades. However, here’s how the 2023 models compare. 

Honda says the 2023 Accord’s starting MSRP is $27,295, with four trims using a dual-motor hybrid system that delivers 204 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque. The Camry Hybrid rival gives 208 hp and 149 lb-ft of torque. The higher torque provides the Accord with a smooth and seamless gas engine transition.

Regardless of the sloping roofline, the Honda Accord Hybrid has a spacious interior. Honda says the total interior passenger volume measures 105.7 cubic feet, surpassing Camry Hybrid’s 99.9 cubic feet, according to U.S. News. The midsize sedan has more cargo volume, with a trunk measuring 16.7 cubic feet compared to Camry’s 15.1 cubic feet.

While both models have driver-safety aids, infotainment, tech, comfort, and utility, the Accord’s features are superior to the Toyota Camry. Many families prefer the 2023 Honda Accord for its interior comfort and tons of space. While the Camry is spacious and comfortable, the Honda Accord takes it to the next level, emphasizing aesthetics and richer material.

Beyond the 2023 Honda Accord, the Honda Civic is featured as the best compact car, which is excellent for a family looking for a small sedan. The Audi S3 topped the list as the best luxury compact car for its taut and unencumbered design that suits families in tighter urban areas. 

The 2023 Toyota Crown was listed as the best full-size sedan because of its all-wheel drive and high seating position. Mercedes-Benz S-Class closed the list by winning its category of full-size luxury sedans. The model is a pinnacle luxury for its all-wheel drive, powerful engine, and appealing looks. Buyers not sold on the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry can opt for any of these sedans, depending on their desired features and value most.

Comparing the 2023 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry is a clash of the titans because the two midsize sedans are sales leaders in their segment and the overall market. The combination of comfort, size, style, interior space, and reliability these two models offer has resonated with the American market for nearly 50 years. However, Good Housekeeping says the new heights in comfort, space, and looks make the 2023 Honda Accord family cars beat the Camry lineup in the best new family car category.

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