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Sedans have significantly dwindled in popularity in recent years. However, Honda and Toyota are still going strong with their lineup of successful sedans, exemplified by the highly popular Accord and Corolla. Both cars have their merits, but the 2023 Honda Accord has one huge benefit over the Toyota Corolla: a redesign.

2023 Honda Accord has a redesign — but the 2023 Toyota Corolla hasn’t had one in three years

Front angle view of red 2023 Honda Accord midsize sedan
2023 Honda Accord | Honda

The 2023 Honda Accord is greatly improved with its pleasing redesign. Automakers try to stay ahead of their competitors by giving their vehicles overhauls. While the Accord was starting to show its age in recent years, it leapfrogged ahead of its rivals with the redesign for 2023. The overhaul gives it an edge over the 2023 Toyota Corolla, which hasn’t had a major redesign in three years. If you’re a sedan shopper that desires the latest look in the automotive world, then the Accord could be the better choice for you. 

The redesigned Accord has a nice fusion of elegance and sportiness. Standout exterior design features include the new upright grille, a flowing fastback roofline, horizontal LED straight-line taillights, and blacked-out LED headlights. There are also prominent character lines along the side of the sedan.

2023 Accord also has a more spacious and upscale cabin than the 2023 Corolla

Rear angle view of blue 2023 Toyota Corolla compact sedan
2023 Toyota Corolla | Toyota

The cabin of the 2023 Honda Accord is redesigned as well. It has a more premium design than the 2023 Toyota Corolla — with higher-quality materials and a more upscale look and feel. 

Also, the Accord offers a more comfortable ride. One of the new interior features for the Accord is the body-stabilizing seats, which reduce fatigue. Also, it has a memory seat function for “saving” the most comfortable seating position. However, the Corolla doesn’t offer either of these features. 

Additionally, with its larger overall size, the Accord has a more spacious cabin than the Corolla, which is another contributing factor to its higher level of comfort. Both sedans can seat up to five people. However, the Accord has a total passenger volume of 105.7 cu-ft, compared to 88.6 cu-ft for the Corolla. Also, the extra passenger space makes the most significant difference for the rear seats. The Accord provides 40.8 inches of rear legroom, while the Corolla only has 34.8 inches. 

Also, the Accord offers more storage space. Its trunk has a cargo capacity of 15.1 cu-ft, compared to 13.1 cu-ft for the Corolla. 

Other ways the Honda Accord is better than the Toyota Corolla


Hello 2023 Honda Accord, Goodbye 2022 Accord

There are some other ways that the 2023 Accord sedan is better than the 2023 Corolla. It delivers better performance, especially with its more powerful engine options. The Accord’s 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine doles out 192 horsepower, while the hybrid powertrain generates 204 horsepower. In comparison, the Corolla produces up to 169 horsepower for its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and 134 horsepower for the hybrid powertrain.

Plus, the Accord is more technologically sophisticated than the Corolla. For example, it has a more advanced infotainment system with a larger available touchscreen (12.3 vs. 8.0 inches). Also, unlike the Corolla, the Accord has a traffic jam assist driving assistance feature. 

The 2023 Honda Accord has an impressive redesign, which is a major benefit that it has over the 2023 Toyota Corolla. While the redesign doesn’t mean that the Accord is a better overall sedan, it’s something to consider for automotive shoppers.