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Have our expectations of luxury driving gotten so ridiculously high that it’s nearly impossible for any automaker to meet them? The 2023 Genesis GV60 shows this luxury brand doesn’t think so. The GV60 is the first all-electric luxury SUV from the Korean brand, and it checks off all the right boxes.

Which boxes does the 2023 Genesis GV60 check off for you?

The variety of new luxury SUVs coming to the market is absolutely amazing. Some brands have turned to pure electrification, while others add it a little at a time. The GV60 is the very first Genesis to use an EV platform and powertrain. This SUV delivers what you want, including:

  • Cool, unique features only found in this brand
  • Luxurious cabin seating with comfort for every passenger
  • Exemplary attention to detail
  • A dip into the sporty side of driving
  • Dynamic lighting elements

These might only be a few items on your list when shopping for a luxury SUV, but you get the idea. We expect a luxury SUV that’s several steps above the mainstream market, and Genesis found a way to deliver.

The Crystal Sphere will mesmerize you

Often, prototypes show up at car shows, and we know some of the features won’t make it to the production line. Thankfully, the Chrystal Sphere in the Genesis GV60 has passed muster. According to, this feature is one of the coolest design elements offered in a vehicle. The item is a sphere that appears to dance with the light in a playful manner. It’s positioned below the gear selector and gives you a positive signal that you’re ready to drive. This is useful considering the silent operation of an EV.

The Genesis GV60 is ready for you to drive, but not others

The days of the virtual key are quickly fading away, even though it feels like they just began. That’s how fast technology is moving in cars and in our lives. This luxury SUV uses Face Connect and fingerprint authorization to allow access to the vehicle. You’ll also enjoy the near-infra-red camera that watches to make sure it’s you coming toward the vehicle to enter. Once verified, all your stored settings activate to give you the driving position you saved in the system.

This Genesis SUV offers a cabin made for pure comfort

Genesis GV60 interior looks amazing and is full of attention to detail.
Genesis GV60 Dashboard View | Genesis

Using the E-GMP platform, the Genesis GV60 has a completely flat floor, which allows this SUV to offer a much larger cabin than other models in its class. According to Roadshow, the rear seats fold flat for more cargo room or recline to give the rear passengers a more comfortable ride. There’s a passthrough under the center console, which is open and adds to the airiness of the cabin. Of course, the glass roof also aids in creating the feeling of spaciousness.

Sustainable details make this a unique luxury SUV

You won’t find any areas where Genesis cut corners in the GV60. This SUV has impressive, upscale materials everywhere you look. The doors are adorned in fine suede-like materials and attractive stitching. Many of the materials used are recycled items that come together to reduce waste and offer an upscale and sustainable feeling.

Another way this electric SUV reduces waste is with the special array of LED lights used in the front. Most lights are becoming more complicated, including those used for this Genesis SUV. The brand created a system that allows each light to be replaced as needed without replacing the entire unit. This can cut down on waste when a single light or the lamp lens fails.

Yes, there’s fun built into the Genesis GV60

Yellow 2023 Genesis GV60 kicking up some dirt and showing off the fun
Yellow 2023 Genesis GV60 | Genesis

When you want an SUV that gives you comfort and fun together, this electric Genesis SUV delivers for you. When it arrives, there will be three different powertrains offered. According to Car and Driver, the base model will have an RWD layout and offer 225 horsepower; an AWD version provides 314 horsepower, while a performance version should deliver 429 ponies of power. This top model can reach 60 mph in four seconds, but that’s not all of the fun.

Those driving the top model can get more power from the electric motors when engaging the Boost Mode. This increases power to 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque for 10 seconds, which is more than enough time to rocket past a friend on the track. There’s also a Drift mode that disconnects the front driveshaft to offer some fun on a drift track, which can be an awesome experience in this electric SUV.

Does the new 2023 Genesis GV60 check enough boxes for you? This could be the new electric SUV that gives you everything you’ve always wanted in a luxury vehicle.


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