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Ford is one of the major American automakers and has built some of the most popular vehicles in American history. However, they’ve also taken some risks. Ford has decided that a station wagon might be a good idea in a market where car shoppers are looking for SUVs, pickup trucks, or EVs. Here’s a look at the 2023 Ford SUV based on the discontinued Fusion that could be a worthwhile risk for the automaker. 

An overview of the Ford Fusion sedan

A Ford logo, makers of the 2023 Ford Fusion Active.
Ford logo | Getty Images

Ford first introduced the Fusion in 2006, a midsize sedan competing against the likes of the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. While the car could hold its own in terms of features and sales numbers, it didn’t take long before Ford started to pivot away from sedans. The Fusion had a lot of success after The Great Recession, but as the economy recovered, so did America’s appetite for bigger cars.

SUVs and pickup trucks were becoming more popular every year. The only small cars that did well were either EVs or sports cars. This was good news for Ford, as the Detroit-based automaker had several popular options in those segments, such as the F-150 or the Mustang. However, this was bad news for practical, family-oriented sedans like the Fusion—sales began to drop. 

In 2018, Ford decided to kill off the Fusion, officially ending with the 2020 model year. In its last days, the Fusion continued to be a competent family sedan that never was able to justify itself compared to the Camry or the Accord. But, while the Fusion may be dead, Ford has decided to take a risk and revive it as something new.

The 2023 Ford Fusion Active is a risk that Ford is willing to take

According to Car and Driver, leaked photos show that Ford has been testing a station wagon called the Fusion Active. Not many details are known about it, but it seems to be a lifted version of the Fusion. This can be risky for Ford as the Fusion Active is a station wagon aiming for practicality more than anything else. 

While station wagons are rare, a handful of station wagon options are on the market now. This could make it easy for Ford to break into the segment as there’s less competition to worry about. Plus, while the Fusion Active may be a station wagon, some folks may think that it looks like an SUV and thus, like it more. Additionally, fans of the original Fusion may think that the Fusion Active is a worthy successor, which can help with sales.

Here’s a look at the future of Ford

Asides from the Fusion Active, Ford’s more well-known models have a bright future ahead of them. For example, the Mustang is closing in on its 60th anniversary, and Ford will probably do something special for the legendary pony car. The Mustang should also get some updates, including its engine and interior design. A hybrid option may even be coming, according to Car and Driver.

The Ford Ranger’s next generation is also coming soon, with some new designs both on the outside and inside. Most notably, there’s now a larger portrait-style touch screen on the inside. That said, the Ranger is still expected to have the same 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine as it does now.


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