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Affordability is probably a primary concern if you’re searching for a new midsize truck. Unfortunately, man models in the segment don’t include much equipment and capability with their cheapest model. However, that’s what gives the 2023 Ford Ranger a crucial advantage. Ford’s offering is the best affordable midsize truck because every version, even the cheapest XL base model, can get its maximum towing capacity.

Why is the 2023 Ford Ranger the best affordable midsize truck?

The crucial advantage the 2023 Ford Ranger has as an affordable midsize truck is towing capacity. For many models, like the ultra-popular Toyota Tacoma, require spending more to maximize towing capabilities. According to, the Tacoma needs an extended Access Cab, rear-wheel drive, and the optional V6 engine with an automatic transmission to get its 6,800-pound towing capacity. All the extras boost the Tacoma SR base model’s price from $27,750 to $31,345.

Comparatively, the Ranger can reach its (higher) maximum towing capacity for less. The XL base model starts at $27,400 and adding the Trailer Tow package only costs $495. After fees, that brings the price to $30,070, which is still cheaper than the tow-ready Tacoma. Fortunately, the Ranger also clears opponents with 7,500 pounds of towing capacity, which beats all but the Chevy Colorado, which can pull 7,700 pounds at its best.

The Chevy Colorado, like the Tacoma, requires an extensive package in its lowest trim to reach maximum towing capability. The $27,630 WT base model requires engine upgrades and a mix of optional equipment to reach maximum towing in its cheapest trim. As a result, it exceeds the $30,000 mark and the Ranger.

Besides towing, what does the Ranger have?

2023 Ford Ranger towing capacity makes it the best affordable midsize truck
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

Although towing is excellent and makes the 2023 Ford Ranger the best affordable midsize truck, what else does it come with? Most customers aren’t satisfied with just an excellent towing pickup. According to Edmunds, the cheapest Ranger has 16-inch wheels, a manually locking tailgate, air conditioning, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a 3.5-inch display screen, a Wi-Fi hotspot, four speakers, a USB port, and forward collision mitigation.

However, two equipment-filled optional packages can easily enhance the cheapest Ranger. Obviously, the pickup will get more expensive the more you add, but these features are crucial to some. First, the 101A package adds cruise control, power mirrors, keyless entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, a larger display screen, Sync 3 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and a six-speaker audio system.

Next, the Co-Pilot360 package is available to any Ranger buyer and adds safety equipment. For example, automatic forward emergency braking, blind-spot warning with cross-traffic warning, and lane-keeping assistance.

1 crucial advantage makes the Ranger a great affordable midsize truck

The best pickup trucks for the money include this red Ford Ranger XL
A 2023 Ford Ranger XL | Ford

In conclusion, the 2023 Ford Ranger is the best affordable midsize truck because of one crucial advantage. Customers can equip the cheapest Ranger with a Trailer Tow package, giving it the maximum capability for towing found in the Ranger lineup. It is cheaper, and the towing capacity is better than nearly every rival. As a result, those who require a midsize truck strictly for towing and affordability would do well with the Ranger.


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