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The Ford Maverick couldn’t have hit the market at a better time. Aside from the production shortage, the world seems particularly hungry for small, affordable pickup trucks with killer gas mileage. The little hybrid pickup truck hits the market in all the soft spots. However, When Ford added the Tremor package to the Maverick, it defeated the reason people liked the compact pickup. 

A Ford Maverick Tremor shows off its off-road capability as a small truck.
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

Why is the Ford Maverick so popular? 

The Ford Maverick draws its power from a 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder that comes standard. This mighty little package provides a snappy 191 hp in a small package that yields an amazing 37 combined mpg from the EPA. Numbers like this are a foreign concept to pickup trucks. 

Not only is the Maverick crazy efficient, but it also leads the market as the cheapest new pickup truck you can get. Starting at $22,595, the 2023 Ford Maverick gives truck-owning hopefuls a sense that they might actually be able to afford a new pickup. Because of this, the Ford Maverick has been an obnoxiously popular model that has proven quite difficult to get your hands on. 

What is the Ford Maverick Tremor package? 

The Ford Maverick’s popularity comes from its value. For very little money (relatively), you get a strong, reliable, efficient, new pickup truck that also offers a touch of style. The Tremor package, while far cooler than any other version of the Maverick, essentially does away with all the unique benefits of the base model.

The Ford Maverick Tremor package adds a stack of off-roading features and bits of hardware. According to Gear Patrol, The Tremor package builds on the preexisting FX4 package. The Tremor gets a 1-inch lift and an off-road-focused suspension system. It also gets an entirely new all-wheel-drive system with a locking four-wheel drive feature. This allows the truck to lock all four wheels and send the engines full power to the lot. Additionally, there is a factory skidplate, aggressive rubber from Falken, and a modified front end that allows for a better approach angle. 

How is that bad? For all its off-road badassery, it is still a unibody pickup truck. The Tremor package certainly ups the off-road capability, but even still, it is still nowhere near the proper body-on-frame off-roaders. 

How much will the Ford Maverick Tremor package cost you?

Ford Maverick sales outpace the Hyundai Santa Cruz
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

As I mentioned earlier, the base model price is a huge part of the Ford Maverick’s popularity. The Tremor package uses the bigger, optional 2.0-liter gas engine making 250 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. While cool, this means that the small price tag gets a lot bigger. While still not horrible, all things considered, the Ford Maverick Tremor starts at $31,665. While the initial price hike is pretty serious, the added fuel cost also exists. 

The Tremor ditches the hybrid motor for more power. That change, along with a lift, new all-wheel drive, and heavier tires, the gas mileage plummets from the EPA’s 37 mpg to 28 mpg combined. This takes the two most unique and valuable features of the Maverick and throws them in the trash. The Tremor is basically a Toyota Tacoma but less capable, similarly priced, and frankly, just not as cool. 

The Ford Maverick is already a valuable package. The Maverick doesn’t need to be cooler than it is.


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