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Holy moly, a new wagon could be coming to town. As sedans continue to decline and SUVs grow in popularity, the Ford Fusion Active could change the game. The 2023 Ford Fusion Active probably makes the Subaru Outback feel pretty nervous. 

What do we know about the 2023 Ford Fusion Active? 

2023 Ford Fusion Active spy shot
2023 Ford Fusion Active spy shot | Car Scoops

The 2023 Ford Fusion Active could fill a gap in the SUV lineup. The Ford Escape is a little small for families, the larger Ford Edge needs a replacement, and the Ford Explorer doesn’t have the family-friendly vibe. 

Rumors suggest that the Fusion Active could be a mid-size family SUV that’s both rugged and safe for light adventurings, like the Subaru Outback. It even seems to have black plastic body cladding and may come with standard all-wheel drive, like the Outback. 

Spy shots show the Fusion Active heavily covered in camouflage, but we can tell that it has a wagon shape. It’s tall, long, and could be lifted. Some people think this could be the three-row Ford Escape, but the size and look seem too different. 

How much power does the Fusion Active have? 

We aren’t sure how much power the 2023 Ford Fusion Active has, but we will update you once the official figures are released. Car and Driver thinks it could have a standard hybrid powertrain, like the Ford Maverick. 

However, we hope it gets something with a little more power. The Fusion Active is taller, oner, and probably much heavier than the Maverick, so it will need extra muscle. Perhaps one of the engines from the Ford Bronco or Ford Explorer could make the cut.

The Ford Fusion Active is expected to be a global option, like the 2023 Ford Ranger. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if it got the Ranger’s upcoming hybrid engine. 

With the Subaru Outback, you get a 2.5-liter flat four-cylinder engine with 182 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. You can upgrade to the turbocharged 2.4-liter flat four-cylinder engine for 260 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. 

The Outback can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 8.8 seconds with the standard engine and 7.5 seconds with the turbo engine. It can also tow up to 3,500 lbs. These targets don’t seem too difficult for Ford to beat. 

How much does the Ford Fusion Active cost? 

A 2022 Subaru Outback, the best and cheapest midsize SUV from Consumer Reports.
2022 Subaru Outback | Subaru

Rumors suggest that the Ford Fusion Active could start around $35,000, but that seems a little high. To go against rivals, the Fusion Active will need to start under $30,000. For example, the 2022 Subaru Outback starts at $27,145. 

We should learn more about the Ford Fusion Active by the end of the summer. The Fusion Active will probably feature a unibody design and could be a little beefier for off-roading compared to the Outback. 

The 2023 Ford Ranger may arrive first, but it could provide clues about what to expect for the Fusion Active. It could have an internal combustion engine before hybrid, and fully electric variants emerge. 

Do you think this new wagon can tackle the incredibly popular Subaru Outback? We hope it spices up the competition and will provide updates as new clues begin to surface.


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