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Ford’s 2023 Ford F-150 received a lot of little, yet significant, improvements over the 2022 best seller. While not addressing every issue we’d like to see improved, both the ride and handling are better. Maybe not better than the Chevy Silverado or Ram 1500, but close. And while commendable, they don’t address the F-150’s biggest problem, reliability.

We picked the 4×4 SuperCrew Cab because it seats six and is the Big Dog in terms of reputation and overall performance for both highway and off-road use. You can choose from the base XL all of the way up to the Raptor, Raptor R, Rattler, and Tremor performance trucks. To go along with the seven trims there are six engine options and a gazillion options. 

Which 2023 F-150 engine choice is the best?

A red Ford F-150 parked in the desert, which is one of the fastest full-size trucks.
2023 Ford F-150 | Ford recommends the High Output 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 for the best overall performance, mileage, and torque. With 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque, it packs 55 hp more than the 5.0-liter V8. The all-aluminum V6 features both twin turbochargers and an intercooler while averaging 23 mpg for the 4×4.

While it doesn’t smooth out the bumps like a Chevy Silverado, for payload and towing capacity, it’s best-in-class. The 4×4 with an EcoBoost V6 can tow 11,000 lbs with a payload of 3,325 lbs. Adding the Max Trailer Tow Package bumps that number to 14,000 lbs. 

What are some of the new F-150 tech features?

A 2023 Ford F-150
The F-150 Rattler XL series | Ford

Body and bed options are also numerous with the regular cab, SuperCab, and SuperCrew cab. The regular cab is a two-door, the SuperCab gets four doors, and the SuperCrew gets longer clamshell doors and that seating for six people. Bed lengths include a 5.5-foot bed with 52.8 cubic feet, a 6.5-foot bed with 62.3 cubic feet, and an eight-foot bed with 77.4 cubic feet. 

The great tech options are also worth a look, though some may not be available in lower trims. Ford’s Pro Power On Board generator makes news keeping the power on for individual homes during blackouts. Truck tech also shines with Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch weight and towing features. And there’s a 12-inch screen available on XLT and up trims. 

What’s so bad about the Ford F-150?

2023 F-150
2023 Ford F-150 base XL | Ford

There is a lot more to the 2023 F-150 story, but not all of it is good. Part of it has to do with reliability and recalls. In 2022 there were eight NHTSA recalls for the F-150, and in 2021 there were 14. So Ford improved year-over-year, but not enough. And some of them were major safety risks like driveshafts detaching, and steering gear and transmission failures. 

And RepairPal ranks it in seventh place out of 17 full-size trucks. It says that yearly repair bills will be just under $800 on average, which is less than the average of $936 for all full-size trucks. But it finds that when repairs are needed, though more infrequent, they are “more severe.” The rankings are based on the cost, frequency, and severity of unscheduled repairs. Severe repairs are ones that cost three times or more than an average repair. 


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