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Let’s talk about the 2023 Fisker Ocean with all its revolutionary new EV design packaged in an affordable yet, luxury ride. Most luxury cars will come chock-full of all the best amenities and extras. However, in recent production years, consumers have realized that even the top-echelon carmakers neglect to make the necessary tech upgrades, including the popular Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, like Porsche, for example. 

So, does the 2023 Fisker Ocean follow Porsche’s example? Or does this hyped and exciting new EV model have Android Auto? This is the latest regarding official Fisker announcements, along with what you can expect from this EV’s connectivity and infotainment.

What’s the buzz about Android Auto?

Before diving into the details of the 2023 Fisker Ocean, you might have questions about Android Auto. If you’re new to Android Auto, it’s a connectivity software platform designed to connect a vehicle to its owner’s Android device. As Android explains, when you pair your phone with your Android Auto capable car, you can have convenient features like voice command access to calls and texts, Google Assistant access, navigation, and entertainment compatibility. Apple describes its Apple CarPlay solutions much the same way, providing similar connectivity and voice command access for Apple users.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are wildly popular among consumers these days. However, the caveat remains. The connectivity and pairing software only works with vehicles produced with Android or Apple compatibility, which brings us back to the new 2023 Fisker Ocean. Does the exciting luxury EV introduction have built-in compatibility to support Android Auto?

Fisker implies confirmation on Android Auto

The interior of the 2023 Fisker Ocean, featuring its steering wheel, infotainment screen, and dashboard
Fisker Ocean infotainment screen | Fisker, Inc.

The 2023 Fisker Ocean is quite the head-turner, already generating buzz among EV and luxury enthusiasts. Fisker describes the featured highlights of each model variation, including the Fisker Ocean One, Fisker Ocean Extreme, Fisker Ocean Ultra, and the Fisker Ocean Sport. While you’ll find loads of plush amenities, you won’t find official confirmation of Android Auto compatibility.

Still, Android users shouldn’t be discouraged just yet. In recent interviews, including with Fiskreati, Fisker’s founder, Henrik Fisker, has hinted that both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included. Henrik Fisker took to Instagram to share that the car will use more than “100 pounds of recycled and biodegradable” components. However, it was the hashtag sequence that confirmed the hint. Henrik included “#applecarplay” with his post.

Fiskerati published a follow-up report, citing Henrik Fisker all but confirmed the anticipated availability of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay within the original post’s comment threads. He “basically confirmed” the company’s plans to support both connectivity platforms, which is good news for consumers who may have been concerned that they would otherwise have to forgo either solution.

The 2023 Fisker Ocean’s infotainment and connectivity features

If you’re a fan of the gigantic Tesla-inspired touchscreens, you’ll love the 17.1-inch display in the 2023 Fisker Ocean. It features both portrait and landscape orientations. The infotainment system also comes with a music-to-your-ears Harman Kardon stereo platform, as Car and Driver outlines. 

There is also a slim digital gauge cluster, and every Fisker Ocean model features a rearview mirror with a digital camera feed. You’ll also enjoy the FI-Pilot package suite of tech features, with 360-degree surround view with 3D, Park My Car assistance, and integrated Drive Assist. Other safety innovations include lane-changing assist, auto emergency braking, and both side and front collision warning systems. As an added benefit, you can use an app as a key.

The 2023 Fisker Ocean is an exciting new EV proposition, with its dual motor AWD and estimated 350 miles on a charge, according to Fisker. It won’t disappoint in the luxury department either, with its futuristic designs, high-quality interior materials, and breathtaking panoramic roof. Still, if you were worried about the new Fisker Ocean’s capability to support Android Auto, all we have is unofficial confirmation. However, since the company’s founder offered the hint, sources are leaning heavily toward full support of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


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