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A lot has changed in the 2023 Colorado lineup. This midsize truck begins a new generation and offers more of what truck owners admire. This truck brings a new engine down the market from the half-ton Silverado, it’s offered in only the crew cab build, and it’s bigger than before.

How much more is the new 2023 Colorado than the previous version?

MotorTrend tells us the base 2023 Colorado WT is only $295 more than the previous 2022 WT version of the Chevy Colorado. That’s a pretty close price difference, but things have to get wider at the top, right? Wrong.

The ZR2 model of the new 2023 Chevy Colorado has a similar price to the outgoing diesel-powered ZR2. This new off-road truck is only a little pricier than the V6-powered model. This means you’re not paying much more for the 2023 version of this midsize Chevy truck.

Instead of three powertrains, this new Chevy Colorado has three power levels

2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Tearing Up a Sandy Trail
2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Tearing Up a Sandy Trail | Chevrolet

All three of the powertrains from the 2022 Colorado are gone. A 2.7-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine from the Chevy Silverado replaces these discontinued powertrains. This new engine mates to an 8-speed automatic transmission, giving the 2023 Colorado the desired power at each trim. These power outputs are:

  • Turbo – 237 horsepower/259 lb-ft of torque
  • Turbo Plus – 310 horsepower/390 lb-ft of torque
  • Turbo High-Output – 310 horsepower/430 lb-ft of torque

Doesn’t the GMC Canyon use the same power as this midsize Chevy truck?

Technically, the 2023 GMC Canyon is identical to the new Chevy Colorado, but there are some key differences. The Canyon takes a stance as an off-road truck at every trim level. When it comes to power, the Turbo High-Output setting for the 2023 Colorado is the only power level offered in the new GMC Canyon.

This new midsize truck is larger than the previous model

Truck Bed 2023 Colorado
Truck Bed 2023 Colorado | Chevrolet

The new build for the 2023 Colorado is significantly bigger than the outgoing version. The wheelbase has grown from 128.3 inches to 131.4 inches. The new measurements for this Chevy midsize truck are:

  • 212.7 inches long
  • 84.4 inches wide
  • 81.9 inches tall

These measurements make the new Chevy Colorado larger than the previous generation version.

Does the new 2023 Colorado offer a manual transmission?

Chevrolet is simplifying the Colorado. With that thought, the manual transmission is gone. The previous generation offered a manual transmission, but many owners now regret selecting this model. The new midsize Chevy should have all concerns fixed from the previous generation. This new model has more refinements and faster and smoother gear changes, and it’s tuned to be better on the trails than the outgoing version.

How much does a 2023 Chevy Colorado cost?

Red 2023 Chevy Colorado Midsize Truck posed on a gravel trail
2023 Chevy Colorado Midsize Truck | Chevrolet

This new Chevy truck comes in several different trims this year. These trims and their respective starting prices are:

  • WT – $30,695
  • LT – $33,095
  • Trail Boss – $38,495
  • Z71 – $41,395
  • ZR2 – $48,295

Each trim offers various packages to ensure you can have the truck you want to drive. Adding all of the options available to the ZR2 to make it the Desert Boss Special Edition model takes this truck to $65,000.

Is the new Chevy Colorado a good truck?

The 2023 Colorado offers several trims and power levels while delivering everything you want in a midsize truck through one powertrain and with one body style. Unlike its corporate cousin, the GMC Canyon, the new Colorado isn’t only made for off-road driving, but it can be a fantastic midsize truck to drive every day.

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