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The 2023 Buick Enclave is a luxury three-row SUV designed for hauling the family or a group of friends around in style. It comes with plenty of standard creature comforts and boasts decent performance specs. The Enclave has its good qualities, but these two drawbacks may make you reconsider buying the luxury three-row SUV.

The 2023 Buick Enclave has poor fuel economy

A gray Buick Enclave midsize SUV is parked outdoors.
The Buick Enclave | Buick

Gas mileage is more important than ever before as Americans battle the highest gas prices in U.S. history. The 2023 Buick Enclave’s fuel economy leaves much to be desired. The Enclave gets 18 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Buick Enclave has a 22.0-gallon gas tank. According to, the national average gas price is $5.00 as of June 17, 2022. It costs close to $110 to refuel the Enclave. With fuel efficiency this poor, Enclave owners will regularly have to take trips to the gas station.

Luxury three-row SUVs don’t normally have the best fuel economy, but the Enclave’s gas mileage is hard to look past, considering today’s gas prices. The 2022 Genesis GV80 is in the same price range as the Enclave. The GV80 achieves 21 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Buick Enclave doesn’t offer as much value as competitors

A gray Buick Enclave midsize SUV is parked in a driveway.
The Buick Enclave | Buick

The Buick Enclave can’t compete with segment leaders like the Lincoln Aviator or the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. The 2023 Buick Enclave starts at $43,000. It’s affordable for its segment, but drivers aren’t necessarily looking for affordability when they purchase a luxury midsize SUV.

If you’re looking for a luxury midsize General Motors SUV, the Cadillac XT6 offers more value for the money. The 2022 Cadillac XT6 starts at $48,595. It uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine to make 235 horsepower. The midsize SUV gets 21 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway. It has a spacious interior, a bold exterior design, and plenty of standard tech features.

The 2022 Acura MDX is another Buick Enclave alternative that offers more value than the American luxury midsize SUV. The Acura MDX starts at $48,000. It uses a 3.5-liter engine to make 290 horsepower. The Japanese midsize SUV gets 19 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway.

Should you buy a 2023 Buick Enclave?

A gray Buick Enclave is driving on the road.
The Buick Enclave | Buick

What’s Included in the 2022 Buick Enclave ‘Driver Confidence Plus Package’?

The Buick Enclave is comfy and provides a quiet ride. It has a powerful standard engine. The Enclave isn’t the worst model in its segment, but there are clearly better options on the market.

The Enclave faces off against stiff competition. The best luxury midsize SUV is either the Lincoln Navigator, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, or the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. Learn how the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class stacks up against the BMW X5 in the next article below.