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All of you Chevrolet El Camino and Ford Ranchero Ute fans still have options. Though there are no car-based platforms for either company to make a Ute, you can find conversion kits for certain makes of cars. Then there are those who prefer to do the conversion themselves and do it to a brand new 2023 BMW M4 Competition coupe. That is what you’re looking at here.

Who did the BMW Ute conversion?

DinMann Ute
DinMann 2023 BMW M4 Competition Ute | DinMann

This was on display at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week. There are all kinds of freaks and unicorns stuffed around the show in any given year. The BMW Ute shown here is just one of them.

STEK Automotive used the pickup to showcase its scratch-resistant wraps, and using this as the subject brought in lots of curious SEMA attendees. A company called DinMann from Los Angeles handled the actual conversion. It specializes in mostly BMW accessories and body kits. 

What did DinMann do to make this BMW Ute?

DinMann 2023 BMW M4 Competition Ute | DinMann

All of the carbon fiber bits are DinMann parts. These include an engine cover, and carbon fiber trim on the dash, along with pieces on the bumpers and side skirts. The headlights and windows feature a dark tint. 

DinMann had to cut the rear of the top, fabricate the bed inside of a metal reinforcement frame, and create the tailgate from the M4 trunk lid. It utilized part of the rear bench seat, but only for storage purposes. It also had glass made for the small side window though in some images a filler is shown. This helps to enhance the flow of the top. What this Ute lacks is a tonneau cover, but DinMann is working on that right now. 

The Competition identification means this packs a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six with the updated 503 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. Talk about hauling ass. They also feature all-wheel drive with BMW X-Drive rear bias system. 

Is it a 2023 M4 Competition or Competition CSL?

DinMann Ute
DinMann 2023 BMW M4 Competition Ute | DinMann

While you might expect this was a recent total, it isn’t It was purchased new this April. The retail price for a basic M4 Comp is over $75,000. Could this have been an M4 CSL? After all, they come with the rear seat delete. If so, the power is upped to 543 hp. That is plenty of power to haul a trailer or tow a yacht. As if.

None of the information posted online indicates whether this has an eight-speed automatic or manual transmission. Of course, we would like it to be a manual, but we’re not picky. And we don’t know how this conversion affects the weight bias, but let’s be real, this is for show and not the track. To that end, it has got to be the quickest and best-handling pickup out there. 


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