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The Toyota Tundra is a dinosaur…and not a cool one. The Tundra is a relic of the past that desperately needs a makeover. The full-size pickup truck is due for a redesign soon. Here’s everything Toyota needs to change about the Tundra to make the 2022 Toyota Tundra competitive.

The Toyota Tundra’s redesign is overdue

A black Toyota Tundra.
A Toyota Tundra pickup truck is seen at a car dealership | Yichuan Cao/NurPhoto via Getty Images

According to The Drive, the Toyota Tundra has kept the same design from 2007 for 14 years. Today, nameplates are redesigned every few model years to keep customers interested. The Toyota Tundra has made little to no changes for over a decade.

A lot has happened in the automotive industry in the past decade. Full-size pickup trucks have made dramatic improvements. The Toyota Tundra has remained in the midsection of top truck rankings because it has failed to improve year after year.

One of the few selling points of the Toyota Tundra is its powerful V8 engine. Many consumers and auto enthusiasts argue that the V8 engine is no longer necessary. Everything about the Tundra could benefit from a complete redesign. If Toyota wants to sell more Tundra models the redesign must include major changes to keep up with the latest industry trends as other automakers do.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra’s powertrain needs to get with the times

A blue Toyota Tundra.
The Toyota Tundra | Toyota

Toyota is a pioneer in hybrid vehicle production. Ironically, the Toyota Tundra and its V8 engine have remained consistent throughout many Tundra model years. The other vehicles in Toyota’s extensive lineup have all received hybrid options for the most part. Toyota has become an industry leader in fuel economy. So why is the Tundra’s fuel economy so poor?

The Toyota Tundra’s fuel economy isn’t just poor for a Tundra, it even sucks for a full-size truck. Trucks like the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 get better gas mileage. In order to compete the Tundra needs different powertrain options so it could create less carbon emissions and guzzle less gas.

Competitors like the Ford F-150 are getting electrified. If the Toyota Tundra doesn’t enter the electric pickup truck race soon, the brand could lose out on plenty of potential sales. In order for the Tundra to survive the coming years and the rise of the electric truck, it must offer more powertrain options to keep up with the evolving vehicle class.

The Toyota Tundra’s cabin needs a complete refresh

A white Toyota Tundra.
The Toyota Tundra | Toyota

Toyota models don’t normally use the most refined cabin materials. The Toyota Tundra and its plastic components however are drab, even by Toyota’s standards. The 2022 Toyota Tundra needs to either use better materials or rethink how space and arrangement come into play in the vehicle’s cabin. The Tundra could benefit from a completely new design language.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra most evolve and become more than a work truck. Even more high-tech trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning can be work trucks. The Tundra must adapt and offer capability beyond raw power to really compete with today’s truck advancements and technology.

Toyota’s newest Tundra can make or break the nameplate

A brown Toyota Tundra.
The Toyota Tundra | Toyota

The 2022 Toyota Tundra will either be a hit or will flop and continue to disappoint fans of the truck. This redesign has been long-awaited. If Toyota doesn’t deliver and bring something new to the table, people will lose interest in the Tundra.

Automakers like Ford understand that consumers have changed with the times. The modern-day work truck looks much different than it did just a few years ago. The 2022 Toyota Tundra will either reinvigorate the nameplate or doom it to be a relic of the past, eclipsed by trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning.


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