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For full-size truck owners who actually use their pickup for truck stuff, sometimes a longer bed is needed. And for 2022, Toyota has the answer to that. The new Toyota Tundra is a vehicle that has multiple bed configurations. Because of that, you can get the proper amount of hauling capacity for your specific needs. And while some traditionalists may be upset because this full-size truck no longer has a V8 engine, the new Tundra is certainly a pickup worthy of consideration.

Does the 2022 Tundra offer a long bed?

For those that need it, the new Toyota Tundra can come outfitted with an 8.1-foot bed. Because of this, you can get the bed space that you need for hauling longer items. Whether you are looking for a work truck or you just carry a lot of items in your bed, that is something that is likely to be appreciated. 

Now, not every 2022 Tundra offers this longer bed. If you want it, you will have to opt for one of the lower trim levels such as the Toyota Tundra SR or Toyota Tundra SR5. But, if you need an extended truck bed, it’s unlikely that you are shopping for a truck that is more like a luxury vehicle than a traditional pickup. 

Which Toyota Tundra should you buy?

According to Car and Driver, the ideal 2022 Tundra is the SR5 trim. With this trim, you can opt for the long bed. You can also equip it with the TRD Off-Road package and that brings more features to the table.

Red Toyota Tundra 4x4 pickup truck driving away down a country road, a train visible in the background.
2022 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

The new Tundra might be more expensive than its rivals. But even the base model comes with more standard equipment than some of the competition. 

Does the 2022 Toyota Tundra have a V8?

Unfortunately for some, Toyota has dropped the V8 engine for the 2022 Tundra. Despite that, the twin-turbo V6 proves that a truck with six cylinders is something worth buying. This new engine has the ability to make 389 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. On the base trim Tundra SR, it makes 348 horsepower. 

The 2022 Toyota Tundra has a recall due to separating axles
2022 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

Also notable is the fact that the Tundra is now a full-size truck available with a hybrid engine. With this configuration, you will benefit from 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque. Of course, opting for the hybrid variant will add to the bottom line cost of this pickup. 

Traditionally, full-size pickups offer a V8 engine. As engine technology has entered the modern era, larger displacements are no longer needed. And the two turbos on this V6 engine make serious power and torque. 

Should you buy the 2022 Tundra?

If you are shopping for a full-size truck, the 2022 Toyota Tundra is certainly something worthy of consideration. This pickup is all-new for 2022. It now rides on a new platform, has a new engine, and comes with the modern features you would expect from a vehicle such as this. 

Red Toyota Tundra pickup truck towing an airstream camper trailer down a wooded road.
2022 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

Although it no longer offers a V8 engine, the twin-turbo V6 has low-end power as well as a comfortable highway drive. When properly equipped, the Tundra can tow up to 12,000 lbs. Plus it can haul up to 1,940 lbs. Better yet, if you are in search of a truck that has a long bed, the 8.1-foot bed should be ample enough space for your needs.


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