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Both the Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Rogue have been featured in advertising campaigns for various Star Wars movies.  The Rogue was part of the push for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and the RAV4 was featured prominently as a vehicle meant for Storm Troopers.  Does this mean these two SUVs are so similar they aren’t worth comparing?  Not at all.  Let’s take a look at what the versions for the 2022 model year have to offer us.

The RAV4 can go everywhere

Overhead view of Cavalry Blue 2022 Toyota RAV4, highlighting the advantages of ToyotaCare
2022 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota

You’ll have to select the right trim level to go where you want, but the Toyota RAV4 is the Swiss Army Knife of the compact crossover world.  This little SUV is offered with more trims than any other model in its class, which makes it easy for you to have the version you need to take you everywhere you want to go.  If you want to enjoy some off-road chops, check out the RAV4 TRD.

Does the Rogue have the answers to the test?

2017 Nissan Rogue | Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images
2017 Nissan Rogue | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

If the RAV4 is setting the standard and running the curve for the rest of the class, it’s high time the Nissan Rogue had all the answers to the test as well.  With a new design for the 2021 version, which carries forward to 2022, the Rogue brings you an excellent selection of convenience features and in-cabin technology that can make it right for you. 

CarBuzz offers the specs you’re looking for, but here we’ll take a look at a few differentiating qualities of these two SUVs.

Do you need to spend so much on quality in the RAV4?

There’s nothing wrong with the lower trims of the RAV4, but if you’re looking for upscale materials, soft-touch features, and an expanded list of safety features, you’ll need to climb the trims, which could take you near the $40,000 price tag.  Is this a price that you’re willing to pay for a compact crossover SUV?  The TRD Pro model will give you TRD badges all over the cabin, but that doesn’t add to your comfort when you’re behind the wheel.

A better place to be is in the Rogue

The materials you’ll find at higher trims of the Nissan Rogue reach the comfort you expect when you pay more.  The Platinum model features leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, a customizable Digital Dashboard, and soft-touch surfaces that make this area feel more luxurious than the RAV4. 

Although the materials are more impressive in the Nissan, the RAV4 is a bit more spacious, which means you need to choose between quality and roominess for your drive.

The cargo room is a deciding factor

You’ll find a huge difference between the Toyota and Nissan models when you’re ready to carry and haul the cargo you need to take with you.  All models of the RAV4 give you 37.5 cubic feet of space behind the second row, while the Rogue gives you 39.3 cubic feet of cargo room.

If you need to tow a trailer, you’ll want to turn to the Toyota RAV4, which can tow up to 3,500 pounds in the TRD Pro trim or 1,500 pounds at the lower trims.  The Towing capacity for the Rogue sits at a paltry 1,350 pounds.

 Tech items in the Toyota RAV4

2022 Toyota RAV4 interior

Looking at the dashboard of the 2022 Toyota RAV4 might leave you wanting a bit more.  The readings and screens feel a bit bland when you compare them to the Nissan Rogue.  You’ll have a 4.2-inch instrument screen, an 8.0-inch Entune infotainment screen, and the connectivity desired with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.  Safety comes from the Toyota Safety Sense package of features that will keep you out of trouble on the road.

Technology jumps out at you in the Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue Interior | Nissan USA
Nissan Rogue Interior | Nissan USA

You can’t ignore the tech features and readings you see in the 2022 Nissan Rogue.  This SUV gives you a 9.0-inch infotainment screen and a 12-inch Digital Dashboard to offer the high-definition display you want when you’re looking for the instrumentation you desire.  You’ll find an excellent safety package in the Nissan, but the biggest differentiator is the ten-inch head-up display that allows you to drive without taking your eyes off the road.

Which powertrain do you prefer?

With several trims to select from, the RAV4 makes it difficult to compare powertrains.  That being said, we can talk about the transmissions offered, which might be another deciding factor for you.  The Toyota model uses an eight-speed automatic transmission, while the Nissan Rogue still gives us a CVT automatic transmission.  Many drivers have made the decision of what they drive based solely on the transmission being offered.

Which SUV is right for you?

You’ve got to pick your poison, and if you’re selecting between the Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Rogue, you’ve got two SUVs that can certainly make you feel great when you drive.  If you want more tech and upscale features, the Rogue is for you.  When you’re looking for more options and capability, you’ll lean toward the RAV4.

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This article was updated on 8/29/2022.