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  • More cargo room is found in the Toyota Corolla Cross
  • Better technology is offered for the Toyota SUV
  • A more powerful engine and standard AWD are part of the Subaru Crosstrek

Do you want the personality and style of the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross or the off-road packaging of the Subaru Crosstrek? These two subcompact crossovers are similar in size and price, but they bring you a plethora of different driving qualities when you get ready for a drive. You can certainly experience a great drive from behind the wheel of either crossover SUV, but which one is the right one for you to drive every day?

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross2022 Subaru Crosstrek
Price Range$23,410 to $29,465$23,620 to $29,570
Engine Options2.0-liter four-cylinder2.5-liter four-cylinder
Horsepower169 horsepower182 horsepower
Torque151 lb.-ft.176 lb.-ft.
MPG Rating29 city/32 hwy27 city/34 hwy
Data Source: Kelley Blue Book

What is the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross?

Toyota Corolla Cross by a river
Toyota Corolla Cross | Toyota

The Corolla name is the best-selling name from the Toyota brand, and the new Corolla Cross is an SUV that fits right into the lineup to give us something bigger than the C-HR but smaller than the RAV4. The fact that you can opt for AWD allows this Toyota to give you some off-road driving when you want to head out for some fun.

What is the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek?

Orange Subaru Crosstrek driving on a dirt road
Subaru Crosstrek | Getty Images

In a lineup that offers standard AWD on nearly every model, the Crosstrek is the smallest of the Subaru SUVs. This vehicle stands up tall and gives you black classing around the body to protect it when you run into trouble out on the trails. For anyone looking for a compact crossover that is built for off-roading, this Subaru is an excellent choice.

Which SUV has the cabin space you desire?

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross interior sunroof
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross interior | Toyota

Grabbing information from, we learn that the Toyota Corolla Cross brings you ample legroom in the front with 42.9 inches, while the rear seat is a bit tighter with only 32 inches of room for the legs of your passengers. Store up to 24.3 cubic feet of stuff in the rear area of this SUV when you need to.

Moving to the Subaru Crosstrek, you’ll be more comfortable with 43.1 inches of legroom in the front seat and 36.5 inches in the rear. This SUV is certainly more pleasant for passengers that spend time in the rear area of this vehicle. The added legroom in the two rows reduces the cargo area to 20.8 cubic feet behind the rear seats of this SUV.

Do you want the tech of the Toyota or the Subaru?

Toyota gives you the Entune infotainment system coming through an eight-inch touchscreen that offers the connectivity you need. If we add safety to the tech list, the Toyota Safety Sense package of features makes it easy for you to stay out of trouble on the road. Listen to the alerts, let the Corolla Cross make adjustments for you, and trust what this SUV brings to your drive.

The infotainment screen for the Subaru Crosstrek is the same eight inches in size as the one for the Toyota Corolla Cross. The Starlink system is useful, but it doesn’t quite compare to what Toyota offers. Safety comes from the EyeSight system, which is a package of features that keep you safe on the road. Unfortunately, this system is also not quite as comprehensive as the Toyota Safety Sense package of features.

Does the Corolla Cross or Crosstrek have more power?

most satisfying SUVs that people love driving include this Subaru Crosstrek
The 2022 Subaru Crosstrek SUV | Subaru

The Toyota Corolla Cross only has one powertrain to offer you. Your Toyota SUV will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 169 horsepower and 151 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a CVT to give you a smooth feeling on the road. Unfortunately, the added size of this SUV versus the car it’s based on makes the Corolla Cross feel a bit underpowered.

This is one area where the Subaru Crosstrek shines with its 2.5-liter flat four-cylinder engine that brings you 182 horsepower and 176 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll still have a CVT for the transmission, but the standard AWD system, added power, and flat layout of the engine bring you an excellent drive in this SUV.

Which of these SUVs is right for you?

More cargo room and better technology aren’t enough to give the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross a win for this comparison. You want to drive the vehicle that has more power, and that is the Subaru Crosstrek which not only gives you added horsepower but will take you on the trails, regardless of the trim. If you want AWD in the Toyota, you have to select an option, which you won’t have to do with the Crosstrek.

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This article was updated on 9/1/2022.


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