2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Beats the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in a Side-by-Side Comparison

Toyota released the Corolla Cross in the latter months of 2021, which means in-market shoppers can now get their hands on the beautiful and performance-centric SUV. The car, an intermediate between the CHR and RAV4, promises to stay on the heels of its peers, such as the 2022 Kia Seltos and the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. 

So, how does the Mitsubishi stand up to the newly rolled-out Corolla Cross. Mitsubishi may have one of the leading powertrain warranties in the industry with a 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty. Still, the 2022 Outlander Sport falls short in many critical aspects, such as interior design, tech readiness, and fuel mileage. 

The Toyota Corolla Cross: A new addition to the Corolla series

A light blue 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross in an indoor area with a white background and floor.
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc

Toyota’s RAV4 has been the best-selling SUV in the US since 2016, when the Japanese automaker released the smaller crossover, C-HR. The car offers a slightly more diminutive design. But after facing stiff competition from newcomers like the Honda HR-V and Seltos, Toyota was compelled to counter the competition with a new crossover—the 2022 Corolla Cross. `

Although it shares the same platform as the C-HR, Corolla sedan, and Lexus UX, the new Corolla Cross looks distinctly closer to the RAV4. Compact crossovers fall under the most price-sensitive section of the automotive market. With many entrants in the crossover line costing more than traditional sedans, Toyota needed to build a stronger model in that space to create value matching the price.

Even without getting into the nitty-gritty, the Corolla Cross outclasses the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport simply because of its legendary name. Corolla is synonymous with reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency. Over 46 million Corollas have been sold since the original model made its market debut in 1966. A crossover will delight existing customers and attract new ones.

Corolla Cross vs. Outlander Sport: Performance and exterior

Available in three trims (L, LE, and XLE), the 2022 Corolla Cross comes with a standard 2.0-Liter engine that delivers 169 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. The car’s engine offers an excellent fuel mileage of 32 mpg. The Outlander Sport, available in five trims (S, ES, LE, SE, and GT), comes with two engine options: a standard 148 hp 2.4-Liter and a 168 hp 2.4-Liter with lower fuel-efficiency of 24 mpg and 23 mpg, respectively. 

Toyota released the Corolla Cross with an MSRP of $22,195. However, the price you’ll pay for the Mitsubishi Sport will vary based on the trim. But Car and Driver ranks the Outlander LE as the best among the five trims with a price tag of $25,590, about $3,000 more than its Toyota counterpart.

Mitsubishi stands behind its Outlander Sport’s stylish appearance, which combines fine body lines, a somewhat congested front appearance with a mix of taper headlights, and four sets of auxiliary lights on either side. The car comes with a wheelbase of 105.1 inches, stretches 171.9 inches, height (64.8 inches), and a 71.3 inch width. 

The 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross has an equally eye-catching exterior design and a versatile size. Unlike the Outlander, it has a scrupulously-sculpted, simplistic yet stylish front end with flared fenders and modern lines. It features LED headlights enclosed in a single housing and lens with LED DRL lights. It’s longer than the Outlander by 4.5 inches, wider by 0.6 inches, but shorter in wheelbase by 1.2 inches.

What about the interior and safety features?

Toyota designed the Corolla Cross’s interior with the driver in mind, providing a hassle-free view over traffic, thanks to its 8.1-inch ground clearance and ample headroom. With versatile 60/40 split-fold-down rear seats, you can choose to fold down one side to create larger cargo space. When folding both seats down you’ll be amazed at how much cargo you can carry for your adventure. 

The 2022 Outlander vaunts an 8.3-inch ground clearance, and while it has similar 60/40 split fold-back rear seats, the flat cargo floor created after folding the seats doesn’t give as much cargo space as the 2022 Corolla Cross. Besides, only two passengers can sit comfortably back there, although they might complain about the legroom. 

Corolla’s dash has an intuitive 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with effortless swipe and tap gestures. The unit is paired with an Audio+ and JBL stereo system that combines nine speakers and a subwoofer. The Outlander features a 7.0-inch infotainment system in the base model, but higher trims come with an 8.0-inch unit with SiriusXM satellite radio. Still, it has the commonplace tuning knobs, uninspired graphics, and limited customization settings.

According to US News, both vehicles have standard safety features, such as brake assist, electronic stability control, child safety locks, lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assist. However, Toyota offered the blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, LED fog lights, and the adaptive front-lighting system as additional standard features to the 2022 Corolla Cross.

Ultimately what it will come down to is what you are looking for in a vehicle. They are both viable options for the right person.

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