The 2022 Toyota Camry Gets an Update Despite Shrinking Mid-Size Sedan Market

Article Highlights:

  • Toyota adds the Nightshade trim to the Camry hybrid
  • New safety features for the newest Camry
  • Still no updated infotainment for the mid-size sedan

It’s not very often Toyota changes their cars up. The brand is arguably as well-known for incremental change as Porsche. In keeping with that long-standing tradition, the brand has introduced a host of minor changes for the 2022 Toyota Camry, easily the brand’s most popular mid-size sedan offering. Whether these changes amount to much of anything, however, remains to be seen.

The 2022 Toyota Camry loves incremental change

A dark blue 2022 Toyota Camry shot from the front 3/4
Some Camry models get a facelift | Toyota

If it feels like the current Camry has been around since forever, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that. Toyota has been slowly updating the mid-size offering since forever, and now you can add even more minor changes to everyone’s favorite sedan. It starts with the Nightshade edition, a visual change to the current non-hybrid 2022 Toyota Camry. Now, you can add the blacked-out optics package to the Camry Hybrid as well.

Changes brought by the Nightshade edition are minor but welcome. Now, you can have some black 18-inch wheels that replace the basic-looking steel ones, as well as a nearly unnoticeable black shark fin antenna for the roof. More trim gets blacked out, including many of the mid-size sedan’s badges. There’s also black window trim, mirror caps, and door handles included. Simply put, we see a red Camry and want it painted black.

A Camry is still a good car

The interior of the new Toyota Camry in beige
Toyota hasn’t updated the interior | Toyota

Visual updates aside, there is one aspect of the best-selling Camry that desperately needs to be changed. That’ll be the infotainment. It’s dated, and infuriatingly slow at a number of tasks. Despite the pitfalls of the current infotainment system, you can opt for larger 7 or 9-inch displays. Thankfully, the new Lexus NX and Toyota Tundra have showcased a new system that’ll be making its way into other models soon. However, that doesn’t mean the Camry sucks.

In fact, it doesn’t, and one of the biggest contributors to that is how safe the Camry is. Wanting to keep that safety hot streak going, the 2022 Toyota Camry also gets a nice upgrade to its safety package. The brand’s press materials call it “Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+,” and it adds features like automatic high beams. There’s also the addition of “Road Sign Assist” that helps the Camry’s adaptive cruise software adjust to posted speed limits. However, note that the Road Sign Assist must be manually engaged.

The Camry is a best-selling mid-size sedan

A blue 2022 Toyota Camry TRD shot from the rear 3/4
The 2022 TRD Camry gets a new color | Toyota

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Finally, rear seat reminders are now standard, as are the upgraded touchscreen sizes and dual-zone climate controls. The TRD Toyota Camry also gets a new “Calvary Blue” color option, seen above. In keeping with the brand’s reputation for consistency, these changes promise to enhance the newest Camry without drastically changing it. For that, we’ll have to wait for at least the 2023 model, if not longer.