The 2022 Toyota Camry Fails to Beat the 2022 Honda Accord in Consumer Reports’ Top 10 of 2022

The Toyota Camry continues to ride comfortably on its popularity streak. It offers a sporty drive and a luxe interior, so it’s no wonder it has been a perennial bestseller. Yet for all its assets, the 2022 Camry can’t beat the 2022 Honda Accord in the discerning eyes of Consumer Reports. The 2022 Accord won the midsize sedan category in Consumer Reports’ 10 best cars of the year, with CR calling the Honda “the definitive family sedan.”

Consumer Reports’ 10 best cars of the year

A red 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid traveling on a two-lane mountain highway
2022 Honda Accord Hybrid | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Small car: Nissan Sentra: In addition to choosing the Accord, Consumer Reports selected its top picks across segments. Taking first place in the small car category is the 2022 Nissan Sentra. CR cites the compact sedan’s continuously variable transmission and easy acceleration as pluses.

Hybrid: Toyota Prius and Prius Prime: In the wide-ranging hybrid category, Consumer Reports chose the Toyota Prius and Prius Prime. Both achieve outstanding fuel efficiency — a crucial feature in this era of higher gas prices. Additionally, both cars can power forth for the long haul — with the range of each Prius totaling almost 600 miles. These cars offer an exciting drive and futuristic interiors, with a large screen in front.

Electric vehicle: Mustang Mach-E: In the electric vehicle category, CR picks the Ford Mustang Mach E. This crossover EV comes with an elevated ride height, and the handling is responsive. The four-door hatchback styling adds versatility.

Subcompact SUV: Nissan Rogue Sport: The Nissan Rogue Sport takes the cake in the subcompact SUV category. The Rogue is a reliable compact SUV equipped with standout safety features. Rear automatic braking is a bonus. This crossover also has excellent visibility with some seating elevation.

Small SUV: Subaru Forester: For a slightly larger compact SUV, CR went with its nine-year favorite: the Subaru Forester. CR emphasizes the excellence of the 2022 Forester’s design, along with its expansive visibility. The Forester performs well in road tests and is quite reliable.

2-row SUV: Toyota RAV4 Prime: The Toyota RAV4 Prime comes wins among two-row SUVs. This plug-in hybrid harnesses a noteworthy 302 hp. It also shines with smooth, rapid acceleration.

Midsize 3-row SUV: Kia Telluride: The Kia Telluride is the standout in the midsize three-row SUV category. It boasts an ideal road-test score, reliable performance, and a roomy cabin. And the eight-speed automatic provides straightforward power.

Luxury midsize SUV: Lexus RX: In the luxury midsize SUV category, the Lexus RX hybrid is a safe pick. Its electric motors help to give it excellent fuel economy. The powertrain is well designed, boosting this sleek and quiet ride.

Compact pickup truck: Honda Ridgeline: Rounding out the top 10 is the Honda Accord’s compact pickup sibling, the Ridgeline. This versatile truck for work or play offers easy handling. And its nine-speed automatic transmission makes it a pleasure to drive.

The 2022 Honda Accord wins for best midsize sedan

Consumer Reports appreciates the 2022 Honda Accord’s “major overhaul” that improves the midsize sedan’s capabilities inside and out. The turbocharged engine provides the Accord with a nice power boost, and excellent safety features make it a reassuring pick. 

The 2022 Accord performs well in both routine and emergency handling, and Honda’s safety sensing features make it a pleasure to operate in traffic. It’s an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, and NHTSA ratings are five stars across the board. 

The 2022 Toyota Camry can’t beat the Honda Accord on Consumer Reports’ list

Although CR appreciates the “competent” 2022 Toyota Camry, it fails to achieve the top spot in the midsize sedan category this year. Consumer Reports considers it good-looking and mostly reliable, but it’s not particularly agile or flexible compared with the Honda Accord.

Of the multiple Camry models and trims, CR concedes the LE hybrid is a top contender, with its quieter engine and good acceleration.  

However, Toyota continues to improve the Camry, and CR believes the 2022 model it’s a nice upgrade from previous years. 

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