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The 2022 Toyota 4Runner is estimated to roll out this fall. Full details of the 2022 edition have yet to be announced, but the automaker has said it’s dropping two trim packages from the lineup. With no major redesign in the works until 2025, what will replace the outgoing options?

Three 2021 Toyota 4Runner SUVs parked in a field
2021 Toyota 4Runners | Toyota

Two special edition 4Runner trim levels are on the way out

Currently, the Toyota 4Runner is available in the Nightshade edition. This sporty model features glossy black accents that give it a distinctive look. Surprisingly this trim package splits 4Runner fans into two camps. Some love its look, while others are happy to see it go. This trim level is mostly about appearances.

The Venture special edition may be more missed. It’s enjoyed popularity with 4Runner enthusiasts since it was introduced in 2002. Edmunds gave the Venture its seal of approval. One of the biggest perks of this trim level is the included Yakima roof rack. The Venture was built for off-roading, and this rack makes plenty of room for gear.

4Runner buyers don’t lack in options. Even if these packages were cut and no replacement was due, it wouldn’t be a hard hit. Both the Venture and Nightshade trim levels offer little in the way of new functions or features. Fans hope new trim levels will be more than skin deep.

Current 4Runner trim levels on offer

A blue and chrome Toyota emblem on a silver vehicle
Toyota emblem | Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner will still be sold in the SR5, SR5 Premium, Trail Special Edition, TRD Off-Road, TRD Off-Road Premium, and TRD Pro trim levels. The remaining packages are more performance-based than the Venture and Nightshade editions.

Toyota hasn’t announced what will replace the outgoing options but buyers can expect more appearance-based changes. It’s likely that the upcoming year’s special editions will include similar touches to the outgoing grades. These outward updates give this model year a touch of personality.

With just 3 years until the next major redesign, it’s unlikely that Toyota’s offerings for 2022 will represent any drastic updates. Some buyers may be tempted to hold off on this year’s model in favor of the 2023 redesign. With a possible release date just months away, more details may be released soon.

The Toyota 4Runner is overdue for an overhaul

A silver 2021 Toyota 4Runner SUV driving through muddy woods
2021 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

Toyota has announced the 4Runner won’t see a major redesign until 2023. It’s safe to assume the base model will largely remain unchanged as it has since 2014. This breaks with typical industry practices. Buyers typically expect a redesign every 5 years. The 4Runner is overdue by that timeline.

Some critics feel the 4Runner is showing its age. Its blue LCD screen is often called out as particularly dated. The exterior of this SUV is equally out of place next to its contemporary rivals. Where other crossovers have softened, the 4Runner keeps its hard angles.

Fans of the SUV remain loyal, implying that the throwback look appeals to some. The 2022 4Runner will likely only see a small price change for the upcoming model. Whether the 4Runner gets an update or not, it’s a safe and solid SUV that remains popular with its fans.


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