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When an automaker as large as Toyota announces plans for an electric vehicle, it’s big news. After years of holding back on EVs while it focused on hybrids, Toyota is finally going all-in for electric vehicles with the first-ever bZ4X crossover SUV EV. However, the Toyota bZ4X is no match for the Tesla Model Y. In our 2022 Tesla Model Y vs. 2022 Toyota bZ4X comparison, the Model Y crushes the bZ4X in many ways.

Tesla Model Y vs. Toyota bZ4X: Longer driving range for the Model Y

Blue 2022 Tesla Model Y driving on a coastal road
2022 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

One of the most important considerations for an electric car is driving range. With a longer range, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll have enough battery power to either make it back home or to a charging station. 

For driving range, the Tesla Model Y is far superior to the bZ4X. The Model Y Long Range model has a range of 326 miles, while the Performance model has a range of 303 miles. In comparison, the Toyota bZ4X has a driving range of 230 miles for the front-wheel drive model and 200 miles for the all-wheel drive model.

Tesla Model Y vs. Toyota bZ4X: Better performance specs and acceleration for the Model Y

Passenger's side front angle view of silver 2022 Toyota bZ4X
2022 Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

On the performance front, the Tesla Model Y dominates the Toyota bZ4X. With its two electric motors, the Model Y delivers a total system output of 384 hp. In comparison, the single-motor bZ4X generates 201 hp, while the dual-motor version produces 215 hp.

If the Model Y and bZ4X had a drag race, the Model Y would quickly speed ahead of the bZ4X. It can go from 0-60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. Toyota lists the acceleration of the bZ4X in a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) measurement, with a time of 7.7 seconds for the dual-motor model and 8.4 seconds for the single-motor model.

Toyota has not yet released the efficiency ratings for the bZ4X, but it would be surprising if it matches the fuel economy of the Model Y. The Model Y Long Range model has an estimated efficiency rating of 131 city/117 highway MPGe, while the Performance model has a gas mileage of 115 city/106 highway MPGe. 

Tesla Model Y vs. Toyota bZ4X: The Model Y has more advanced technologies

The Model Y is a technologically sophisticated crossover SUV. With its large infotainment system touchscreen at the center of the dashboard, you can view driving information, operate the climate control system, and utilize a wide range of entertainment features. This includes the high-quality audio system, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and video games.

Also, the Model Y has many state-of-the-art driving assistance technologies. This includes the Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Additionally, the Model Y offers self-parking and a Summon feature. The Summon feature, which is useful for navigating the Model Y out of tight parking spots, enables the car to move on its own when activated by the driver. In comparison, the bZ4X doesn’t offer anything that reaches this level of autonomous driving.

Tesla Model Y vs. Toyota bZ4X: Price comparison

The price/cost is the only area in which the 2022 Toyota bZ4X has the advantage. While Toyota has not yet released the pricing information for the 2022 bZ4X, it’s expected to have a starting price/cost of around $37,000 MSRP. In comparison, the starting price/cost of the 2022 Tesla Model Y is $56,990 MSRP.

However, considering all the advantages that the 2022 Tesla Model Y has over the 2022 Toyota bZ4X, the extra cost is worth it — if you can afford it. As you can see, the Model Y crushes the bZ4X in a plethora of ways, including performance, range, acceleration, and technologies. 


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