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The 2022 Tesla Model 3 offers Long Range and Performance trims to help the most affordable Tesla electric vehicle (EV) push the boundaries of speed and mile-munching range. However, the distance-soaking Long Range model has an average value of nearly $60,000, a steep ask of potential owners. So, is the Tesla EV’s battery-operated juice worth the squeeze? 

Is the 2022 Model 3 different?

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range enjoyed a modest five-mile range increase over the 2021 model, per U.S. News. The bump is courtesy of lithium-ion-phosphate replacement for the previous model’s nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery architecture. Other than that, the baby Tesla remains similar year-over-year.  

A 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range cruises a mountain road.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

What is the range of a 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range?

Tesla says the 2022 Model 3 Long Range will cover as much as 358 miles on a single charge. Figures like that establish the Long Range trim as one of the most road-trip-friendly EVs at its price point.

For instance, the 2023 Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor gets an EPA-estimated 270 miles on a full charge. Moreover, the $58,095 2023 BMW i4 eDrive40 gets around 301 miles of single-charge range, according to TrueCar

The 2022 model has a fair value of around $57,190. As a result, the distance-oriented Tesla EV promises value in the segment as one of the models with the longest legs on a single charge. 

What is the real range of a Tesla Model 3?

Many owners report getting around 300 miles of real-world driving range out of their Tesla Model 3 Long Range. However, range will depend on conditions, driving behavior, and even wheel coverings. For instance, the Model 3’s wheel covers can reduce drag and add as much as 10 miles. 

Moreover, temperature extremes can decrease electric range for EVs. In fact, a Model 3 could lose as much as 17% of its range in freezing temperatures. Still, with proper planning and access to Level 2 charging architecture, the Long Range trim’s capacity should be able to handle wintertime commutes with relative ease.   

Is the 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range practical?

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 boasts a practical hatchback platform with a liftback rear end. As a result, the EV model has around 19.8 cubic feet of storage volume. Moreover, the Tesla EV’s front trunk, or “frunk,” allows owners to pack more forward of the cabin. 

A 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range shows off its cabin.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Also, the Long Range trim rides on a dual-motor platform. As a result, the EV model has all-wheel drive (AWD) grip, a feature that comes in handy in inclement weather like rain or snow.   

Is a Model 3 Long Range worth it?

While the Long Range trim is over $10,000 more than the 2022 Standard Range Plus or 2023 RWD trim, its electric range is one of the best for its value. Also, barring the rumored Model 2, the Model 3 offers the most affordable vehicles in the automaker’s lineup.


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