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  • The 2022 Subaru WRX STI could look like the rendering below
  • Subaru’s newest STI will depend heavily on aerodynamics
  • Subaru has yet to announce pricing for the current WRX and STI models

We already know what the 2022 Subaru WRX looks like. People hate the looks of the new WRX. But what about the STI? Subaru has been quiet on the subject, largely because the new STI is slated for next year. The arrival of the much-anticipated sports sedan has whipped Subaru fanatics into a frenzy. Given the current hate for the new WRX, people are a bit nervous. Now, we’ve got our first hint at what the new new from Subaru Technica International will look like.

Will there be a 2022 WRX STI?

The 2022 Subaru WRX STI S4 concept car in grey shot from the front 3/4
This could be our first look at the 2022 STI | Subaru

Thankfully, we know there’s going to be a 2022 Subaru WRX STI. The brand has already confirmed development of it. We also know it’s going to use the same crossover-derived engine from the WRX. But more than that? It’s anyone’s guess. Now, it’s our turn to guess. Enter: the 2023 Subaru WRX STI S4 concept. It’s set to be unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon later this month.

That’s what you’re looking at in the first photo, and we’ve discussed the WRX S4 before. But it could also give us several hints at the new WRX STI. Unless there’s a massive change of heart from Subaru, the plastic fenders are here to stay. Thankfully, that lovably obnoxious STI wing is there too. While we can certainly get over the fenders, the red aero elements around the bottom are a swing and a miss. They’re just a little too “Midnight Club” for us.

The new WRX STI is going to be the fastest Subaru yet

The Subaru WRX STI E-RA concept car shot from the front through heavy fog
Subaru is also set to debut the WRX STI E-RA concept | Subaru

Looks aside, this new rendering shows us that STI versions of the 2022 Subaru WRX are going to be heavily focused on aerodynamics. Garish though they may be, those red planes have a purpose. At the front, the red splitter will help add downforce to the new AWD sedan. The ones on the side are likely there to help funnel air down the side of the cars, a job similar to those controversial plastic WRX fenders. Obviously, the wing at the rear is also there for added downforce.

Despite the new WRX sharing an engine with a crossover, it’s clear this one will be the fastest WRX STI yet. No other Subaru WRX STI has leaned this heavily into aerodynamics. But there’s going to be an even faster STI concept car unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon this year. That’s the above car, the WRX STI E-RA. It’s set to be an electric prototype based on the WRX, and it’s going to be even faster than the upcoming STI thanks to an electric drivetrain.

How much will the new WRX STI cost?

A rally blue 2022 Subaru WRX AWD sedan shot on a rainy day
The 2022 WRX is a killer cheap AWD sedan | Subaru

Now, about price. Unfortunately, all we can do is provide an estimate. The 2022 Subaru WRX doesn’t have pricing yet, but we estimate it’ll run about $30,000 to help keep the sedan competitive with the Honda Civic Si. As for the STI, we’d estimate around $40,000, a figure roughly in line with the pricing of the previous WRX and STI models. Hopefully, we’ll get some more info on the new STI soon.


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