The 2022 Subaru BRZ Is Cheaper and More Powerful Than Its Predecessor

Affordable sports cars are great options for folks who need speed, but not necessarily the bank account for a Ferrari. In that market, the Subaru BRZ is a capable and affordable sports car option. Plus, the BRZ got a redesign recently. The 2022 Subaru BRZ is cheaper and more powerful than the old version.

The second generation of the Subaru BRZ

A silver 2022 Subaru BRZ driving down a road in a desert tropical area with sand and palm trees.
2022 Subaru BRZ | Subaru of America, Inc.

Unlike many other cars, the BRZ was developed jointly with Toyota. As such, Toyota has its own version of the BRZ, the Toyota 86. They are very similar in most ways. The first generation of the BRZ was introduced in the 2012 model year, and after 10 years, Subaru and Toyota finally gave it a redesign. While some things stayed about the same, many things were changed. 

Some of the more impactful changes happened with the BRZ’s price tag and performance figures. The 2022 BRZ is cheaper and more powerful than before, but those aren’t the only big upgrades. Here’s a look at how exactly the new BRZ is different from the old one.

A comparison between the new and the old Subaru BRZ 

The 2020 BRZ was the last model year of the first generation, and it was showing its age. It had a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and it got 205 hp and 156 lb-ft of torque. It was designed as an affordable sports car in mind, so while it costs just under $30,000, it didn’t have that many features in the interior. But it did handle well. While its interior was sparse, it was exactly what Subaru and Toyota said it’d be, an affordable sports car.

The 2022 BRZ has big improvements almost everywhere, including the interior. As MotorTrend wrote, the redesigned BRZ has a 2.4-liter H4 engine. This new engine gets 228 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque, which is 23 hp and 28 lb-ft of torque more than before. MotorTrend said that the new BRZ has a stiffer chassis, as well as a redesigned suspension. 

While the standard BRZ is still sparse on features, the Limited trim will now include a few standard smart safety features. It’ll have access to things like blind-spot notification, lane-keep assist, and more, according to MotorTrend. Furthermore, since the old BRZ’s starting trim was the Limited trim, it was actually more expensive than the new BRZ’s starting trim, which is the Premium trim. The 2022 BRZ will cost about $29,000, according to MotorTrend.

How the BRZ compares


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The new BRZ should be available in the U.S. in fall 2021 and should be very competitive. The BRZ is one of a few cars that come with rear-wheel drive. That’s a feature that sports car enthusiasts will enjoy. But, the new BRZ has plenty of competition, especially given that it’s not a very powerful car.

The popular and well-known Ford Mustang costs a bit less and is significantly more powerful. At a starting price tag of $27,000, the regular Mustang gets over 300 hp. However, the Mustang may not be for everyone, as horsepower isn’t the only thing people care about.

The Mazda Miata is also a good option, and it’s slightly more affordable than the Mustang. Like the BRZ, the Miata’s not the fastest car on the road. However, since it’s a convertible, the Miata can be the coolest car on the road.