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There is a certain segment of truck enthusiasts that are loyal to the old-school single cab short wheelbase pickup truck. Mostly favored by sport truck fans, it has fallen out of favor with the onslaught of extra cabs and crew cabs. The last Chevy Silverado offered that way was in 2018. For 2022, it has brought the package back. But there are almost no options available other than the pedestrian work truck arrangement. 

You mean there are no engine options for this Silverado?

2022 Silverado
2022 Silverado single cab short bed dimensions | GM

From a practical aspect, the more popular larger trucks offer greater versatility. Still, many prefer the look of the short bed hitched to a single cab. At least here in southern California, you see the previous generation short bed single cab Silverados lowered with large diameter wheels. Elsewhere, we’re not so sure.

2022 Silverado
2022 Chevy single cab short bed Silverado lowered | GM

But in most cases, those who favor the look want a loaded truck. That is not how Chevy sees it. There are very few options you can add. Take engine choices, for instance. Or should we say choice?

There is only the 2.7-liter turbo four-cylinder engine available. And the only transmission is the eight-speed automatic. No 10-speeds for a short bed single cab truck. There is only one rear-end gear ratio available as well.

Short bed single cab Silverado tire/wheel choices are mostly not

2022Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Short Box | GM

Neither the Z71 factory lift nor the ZR2 suspension package is offered by Chevy. You do get the normal range of 17-inch tires, but only the silver steel wheels come on these trucks. No other wheel package is offered.

The good news is that a chrome front and rear bumper is an option. Standard, these trucks are built with black bumpers front and rear. Tinted glass is also an extra-cost option. But no convenience or premium packages are available. No Midnight Edition or Texas Editions can be ordered. 

Inside, you only get a manual front seat. None of the power seats are available. Neither bucket seats nor consoles can be ordered with these trucks and the same for the head-up display. And while rubber carpets are standard, at least carpet is an option. Only the 3.5-inch Driver Information Center is offered, you can’t get the 13.4-inch infotainment screen.

You mean it doesn’t come with power windows?

2022 Silverado
2022 Chevy single cab short bed Silverado | GM

In the breakdown of what is and isn’t offered, Chevy shows that power windows are, and are not available. Our guess would be that electric windows are just as cheap to make, and would simplify things on the assembly line. So we’re guessing they are available but don’t hold us to it. 

Only vinyl seats come with the single cab short bed configuration, so don’t even think about leather. Safety features are a mix of standard, optional, or not available at all. As with the power windows, we think it is probably cheaper and easier to integrate some of this as standard equipment. Having to specifically pick and choose wiring harnesses and hookups is during assembly, and stocking them at dealerships can get costly. 

This could go on, but you get the point. We keep saying that GM sometimes works in mysterious ways. The single cab short bed Silverado may be a regional choice, but from the views out of the silver silos in downtown Detroit, it’s hard to see. And while we commend Chevy for finally offering this configuration, we have our doubts that as offered, there will be many takers, which is a shame. 


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