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Forget the 911, the Porsche that more buyers are buying is the Macan. Luxury makers are scrambling to make more sporty luxury SUVs with more power and more finesse. It seems like they’re all chasing the Macan. Is it the Macan’s sports-car-like handling, its hot hatch practicality, the Porsche cachet, or something more that makes this small SUV a hit?

The Macan is going all-electric soon, so if you want one of the last fast gas-powered SUVs, act quick.

Porsche sells more Macan SUVs than any other vehicle

2022 Porsche MAcan
2022 Porsche Macan | Porsche

So far this year, according to Porsche, it sold 10,682 Macans in the first half of 2022. While that’s just a daily sales number for Ford F F-150 trucks, Porsche remains a small-volume manufacturer. The Macan SUV accounts for nearly one-third of all Porsches sold so far this year. For comparison, it sold 5,200 911 sports cars.

Updated vehicles sell better

2022 Porsche Macan interior
2022 Porsche Macan interior | Porsche

The Macan got a significant update for the 2022 model year, and refreshed models often see a sales spike. Like most Porsches the update was subtle, but it did update the styling quite a bit and that update was enough to earn the Macan a 2021 Car and Driver Editor’s Choice award.  The Macan first came to the U.S. in 2014 as a 2015 model initially in two trim levels, S and Turbo. In Europe, they got a diesel, while the U.S. got a GTS later.  In 2019, for 2020, the Macan was updated with a new chassis and new front and rear styling updates.

The Porsche Macan gets serious power

The Macan gets some serious engines, with serious power. The base engine is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 261 horsepower, a 13-horsepower increase over the 2021 version, and Porsche says it can hit 60 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds. For 2022, the Macan S makes 375 horsepower from the 2.9-liter V6 that was only available in the GTS last year. Speaking of the GTS, the 2022 version gets a bump to 434 horsepower that Porsche says enables the SUV to hit 60 in 4.1 seconds with the optional Sport Chrono Package.

All Macans get a seven-speed PDK, or automated dual-clutch manual, transmission. If you haven’t driven a PDK-equipped Porsche, it’s hard to convey how quickly the transmission snicks off shifts. That speed, faster than you could row your own in a manual, certainly contributes to the Macan’s pace.

The Macan also handles well

Models pose beside a Porsche Macan car at the Thailand International Motor Expo | Jack Taylor, Getty Images

The Macan comes with Porsche’s active suspension management system as standard. The system works with Porsche’s air suspension to not only smooth out roads, where it can self-level the Macan, but it also lets you pick your driving style and reacts to the road surface. On the GTS version, you can outfit it like you would a 911, which means you can add torque-vectoring all-wheel drive, and other upgrades.

The Macan’s interior got an upgrade, too

One of the reasons we buy a vehicle is how it feels when we sit in it, and for 2022, the Macan got a significant interior upgrade, too. The 2022 Macan gets a new 10.9-inch touchscreen that has Apple CarPlay (but not Android Auto) and can be upgraded. Porsche also added a new analogue clock, shorter gear lever, and steering wheel options from the 911. Like many others, Porsche also added standard lane departure warning, park assist, adaptive cruise, and lance change assist.

How much should I pay for a Porsche Macan?

A green 2023 Porsche Macan luxury compact SUV promotional photo in a dark black void
2023 Porsche Macan | Porsche

The 2022 Porsche Macan has a starting price of $54,900 with the base 2.0-liter engine. The S version starts at $65,400. The 2022 Porsche Macan GTS starts at $79,900. The Macan T starts at $64,550 with the 2.0-liter, but it’s quicker thanks to the addition of the Sport Chrono Package and PASM.


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