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The NY International Auto Show is the largest playground for auto enthusiasts in the Big Apple. Last year, the show was canceled due to the global pandemic. This year, the show is back and possibly better than ever. I met some friends, had some laughs, and even fell in love with a certain Hyundai electric SUV.

You can ride in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 at the 2022 New York Auto Show

A gray 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric SUV at the 2022 New York International Auto Show.
The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 | Charles Singh for MotorBiscuit

After receiving my press badge, I walked aimlessly onto the NY International Auto Show’s massive show floor. “Where to first?” I thought to myself as I surveyed the show floor. My mouth hung open in amazement as I naturally found my way to a mini test track. Maybe the sound of screeching tires attracted me, or maybe it was destiny.

The emergence of new electric vehicles has created new possibilities for auto shows. Electric vehicles took center stage at the 2022 New York Auto show, and there were several areas designated to let spectators ride in the latest and greatest new EVs.

A few minutes after arriving, I found myself in a short line watching Hyundai Ioniq 5 models go around a small indoor track. Test drives (or rides in this case) can be exciting, but riding in a new EV is a different experience entirely. Why? It’s a more unique experience because internal combustion engine vehicles have already set a standard.

The first time you sit inside an EV, it’s natural to compare it to gas-powered vehicles. I slid into the oh-so-comfy passenger seat of a Hyundai Ioniq 5 Limited carrying the heavy load of high expectations. The first reason that I fell in love with the Ioniq 5 is that the passenger seat was incredibly welcoming and relaxing to sit in. Its cabin was sleek and uncluttered. Its center display looked advanced. We may not have made it as far as The Jetsons yet as a society, but we’re certainly on the right track.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is as quiet as a church mouse

I love my 2018 Honda Civic, but the ride noise is a pain. The Ioniq 5 was just as quiet driving as it was stationary. No engine means no engine noise. You could hear a pin drop in the Ioniq 5 as the driver, a Mr. Troy Miller, took us around the course.

I knew the Ioniq 5 was an amazing electric SUV because my urge to drive it was overcome by an appreciation for the vehicle’s cabin. You don’t realize how peaceful a vehicle’s cabin can be until you ride in an EV. Its lack of noise was the second reason I fell in love with the refined electric Hyundai SUV.

The Ioniq 5 comes with free charging

The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 | Hyundai

The third reason I fell in love with Hyundai’s snazzy electric SUV came from a parting comment by the driver, Mr. Miller. Troy claimed that he owned an Ioniq 5 and was currently benefitting from the vehicle’s free charging deal. The electric SUV comes with two years of unlimited 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America chargers.

Gas prices in America have put a hurtin’ on the pockets of millions of drivers. Free charging was enough to make me get butterflies. The Ioniq 5 starts at $39,950. The electric SUV got a 5-star consumer score from Kelley Blue Book. Its Limited trim starts at $51,100. If its ride quality is any indication of its value for the money, I’m sold.


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