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In the world of affordable electric cars, the 2022 Nissan LEAF stands out. As one of the cheapest new electric cars available, it is helping to make electric cars more widely available to all drivers. To ensure that every shopper can get what they want, a new Nissan LEAF comes in three trim levels, with two different battery sizes. This will make it easier for any shopper to get what they want.

Two different batteries, standard and plus

One of the first things shoppers will want to determine is which battery size is right for them? Nissan offers two different batteries to ensure any driver can get the range and efficiency they need. The standard battery is 40 kWh and will make 149 horsepower. While not the most impressive power number, the near-instant torque makes it pretty fun to drive. This battery will offer you up to 149 miles of range on a single charge.

The second battery available is 62 kWh, and it produces 214 horsepower. That boost in power will make acceleration a bit quicker and make getting up to speed and passing on the highway easier. Plus, with a bigger battery, you get more range, 226 miles on a single charge according to Nissan!

Nissan LEAF S

a new nissan leaf parked on a beach, a great long haul electric car
2022 Nissan LEAF | Nissan

As the base trim level, this is a pretty impressive model. Drivers and passengers will love automatic temperature control, power locks, a seven-inch display in the instrument cluster, an eight-inch infotainment display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity, and multiple USB ports. 

While those features can bring a more enjoyable drive, the inclusion of standard driver assistance technology offers added confidence. With this trim, you can enjoy features such as:

  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention
  • Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Rear Automatic Braking
  • Active Ride Control
  • Intelligent Trace Control
  • High Beam Assist

Thanks to these features, your ride can certainly be safer. The S trim level uses either the standard 40 kWh battery and the 62 kWh battery.

Nissan LEAF SV

the comfortable and modern interior of a new 2022 nissan leaf, a rather impressive electric vehicle
Interior of the 2022 Nissan LEAF | Nissan

When you step up to the SV trim level, which is offered with both batteries, you will be surprised by the additions that make this even more special. First, inside there is now a hybrid heater system as standard equipment. The auto-dimming rearview mirror and HomeLink Universal Transceiver are available on the base SV model but standard on the SV Plus. A power driver’s seat is also available on the base SV and standard on the SV Plus. Both models do receive standard heated seating and a heated steering wheel. Finally, embedded navigation is standard, as is a six-speaker audio system.

Some of the biggest additions are when it comes to driver assistance. Intelligent Cruise Control is standard on the base SV model, but if you step up to the SV Plus, you can enjoy ProPilot Assist and a surround-view camera system.

Nissan LEAF SL Plus

a new 2022 nissan leaf from the rear end view
2022 Nissan LEAF| Nissan

The final trim level, the SL Plus, is offered only with the 62 kWh battery for optimum range and performance. This trim gives you every feature and technology, such as leather seating, the Bose Energy Efficient Series Premium Audio System, and Intelligent Driver Alertness. If you are looking for the most well-equipped electric car while not stepping into the luxury segment, you can’t go wrong with the Nissan LEAF SL Plus.

No matter what trim you choose, enjoy a greener drive

a white 2022 nissan leaf drives along a city street, an affordable new electric car
2022 Nissan LEAF| Nissan

The Nissan LEAF is an impressive electric car with plenty of modern features, great design, and two battery choices. With the budget-friendly price, getting into a new electric car and enjoying maximum efficiency will be easier. Choose a new Nissan LEAF, and you can enjoy plenty of range.


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