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Considering a mid-size truck purchase? If so, the 2022 Nissan Frontier is a fairly decent option. This pickup now features a standard V6 engine and has had a near-total redesign. But with multiple trim levels available, you might be wondering which version is the best option. The 2022 Nissan Frontier represents a fairly solid value proposition. It is not as expensive as something like the PRO-4X but does offer more than the base S model. 

What is the 2022 Frontier SV?

The Frontier SV is a step about the Nissan Frontier S. It has a starting MSRP of $31,390, depending on which configuration that you go for. Additionally, it can tow up to 6,670 pounds when properly equipped.

Better yet, like all new Nissan Frontiers, the SV comes with the 3.8-liter V6 engine. This powerplant makes 310 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque. Although it can be a bit of a bummer when a brand cuts down a vehicle’s engine lineup, it is nice that Nissan made a V6 engine standard. On other pickups like the 2022 Ford Ranger, you can’t even get six cylinders.  

Is the Nissan Frontier a mid-size truck?

The 2022 Frontier is still Nissan’s mid-size pickup. But it does offer legitimate capability and utility. Even the SV model can come equipped with four-wheel drive. Another perk of the SV is that you can get it with a longer bed than the standard model. So, if you need more room for hauling, it is possible. 

A white 2022 Nissan Frontier SV sits in a field.
2022 Nissan Frontier | Cutlass

The long bed is available to the crew cab SV, and it is the only Nissan Frontier available with this kind of configuration. Although, Car and Driver does note that it could make the truck harder to navigate in tight situations.

Is the Frontier SV worth buying?

If you do not need the capability of a Frontier PRO-4X and you don’t want a base Frontier, the SV trim is worth it. You can get it equipped with things like adaptive cruise control as well as heated front seats. Additional features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So, although this is a pickup truck, it does boast some modern convenience. 

A side view of Nissan's mid-size truck, the 2022 Frontier SV.
2022 Nissan Frontier SV | Cutlass

Plus, because the Frontier is relatively affordable, it should more easily fit within your budget. And with the price of today’s truck, that is something that should be appreciated. While the Nissan Frontier might not be as popular as the Toyota Tacoma, it is now the newer mid-size truck. 

What’s coming for the 2023 model?

Because the Nissan Frontier was just updated for 2022, it is unlikely that there will be major changes for 2022. It will probably be fairly similar to the outgoing model, but different features could come to the lower trim levels. 

The exact release date, pricing, and specs of the 2023 Frontier have not yet been announced. But, they should be on the way soon. Especially as 2022 is almost coming to an end. One thing is likely though, the 2023 model will continue the popularity of the Nissan Frontier. 


What Do We Know About the 2023 Nissan Frontier?