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Today’s trucks are as expensive as ever. Some trucks even enter the realm of luxury pricing. With pricing commanding over $70,000. It may seem like getting behind the wheel of a new truck will force you to go over budget. But, the 2022 Nissan Frontier is a new mid-size truck that offers relative affordability with an MSRP of $28,340. Better yet, this truck comes standard with a V6 engine.

The 2022 Nissan Frontier offers a unique value proposition

The 2022 Nissan Frontier is a mid-size truck that offers a V6 engine and some affordable trim levels.
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

While the new Nissan Frontier can become an expensive truck quickly, base models are affordable. The cheapest Nissan Frontier starts at just $28,340. And, even in its base form, this mid-size truck offers 310 horsepower and 281 pound-foot of torque thanks to its 3.8-liter V6 engine. Which was recently designed for the new Frontier.

In this affordable form, the 2022 Frontier can tow 6,720 pounds and haul up to 1,600 lbs in payload. This means even in its cheapest form, the Nissan Frontier is still a mid-size truck that is ready to get the job done.

How expensive can the 2022 Nissan Frontier get?

When fully loaded, the new Nissan Frontier can cost near $50,000. Of course, with the price tag, you can get the benefits of the PRO-4X model. Which means you will have a mid-size truck that is ready to handle serious off-road conditions, according to MotorTrend.

Additional comfort features will also be had. Which is likely to be appreciated by those looking for a higher-end truck experience.

Which 2022 Nissan Frontier trim is best?

The 2022 Nissan Frontier demonstrates its capability as a mid-size truck.

The ideal trim for the new Nissan Frontier may be the SV trim level. It comes with a good mix of standard equipment as well as value. You can equip the SV with four-wheel drive and a larger cab. Which will give this mid-size truck more practicality.

Even better would be to outfit the Frontier with the convenience and technology packages. These packages add modern features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and heated seats. Which is something that those in colder climates are likely to enjoy.

Should you buy the base Nissan Frontier?

The base Nissan Frontier offers remote keyless entry with push-to-state. Additionally, it boasts hill start assist and trailer sway control for added driving confidence. Paired with its price tag, it could be a viable option for those who just want to experience an old-school truck.

What updates did Nissan add to the 2022 Frontier?

The Nissan Frontier is a V6 truck that can be had with an affordable price tag.
2022 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

For over a decade, the Nissan Frontier has essentially been the same truck. With the arrival of the 2022 model, the Frontier now enters its third generation. Updates include changes to the suspension along with many other improvements. 

Because the 2022 Frontier is all-new, it is a truly modern truck. Although it is worth noting that it still rides on the same frame. As a reflection of all of the changes made, pricing has been slightly increased for 2022. But with a base model that still costs under $30,000, the Frontier is prepared to be a budget-friendly truck.


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