2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. Lexus GX: Consumer Reports Least Reliable vs. Most Reliable

Consumer Reports reliability can often impact a buyer’s decision to buy or avoid a particular vehicle. The 2021 Most Reliable Cars and Least Reliable Cars are out, and there is a considerable disparity between the best and the worst. What did Consumer Reports say the Mercedes-Benz GLE did wrong, and what did the Lexus GX do right?

Consumer Reports reliability: the Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. the Lexus GX

Consumer Reports: Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. The Most Reliable, Lexus GX
Consumer Reports Least Reliable Car, Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. The Most Reliable, Lexus GX | Lexus, Daimler

On the Consumer Reports 10 Least Reliable Cars list, you might recognize a few of the options. One of the main reasons people buy a brand-new car is to have a reliable, hassle-free experience. The 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE rounded out the bottom of the list with a reliability score of five.

The GLE has an overall fuel economy of 20 mpg, and it came in 20th out of 29 other similar luxury midsize sport-utility vehicles. It didn’t score well in the predicted owner satisfaction category, either. Owners reported issues with the power equipment, climate system, engine, and in-car electronics. It also scored a one out of five for the predicted reliability.

Consumer Reports thought that the ride was nice and the inside was quiet. However, the controls made things difficult, and the optional running boards made the Mercedes-Benz GLE complicated access to the vehicle.

Price Range:  $55,700 – $79,800

The most reliable Lexus GX vs. the Mercedes-Benz GLE

The 2022 Lexus GX topped the list of 10 Most Reliable Cars. It came in with a perfect score of 100 for reliability, which is the only vehicle to do so. When it came to other Consumer Reports testing, the Lexus GX came in third on the luxury midsize sport-utility vehicles list. It got 17 mpg overall for fuel economy, which isn’t awful for such a large SUV.

The predicted reliability came in at a full five out of five, while the predicted owner satisfaction was average. There were no owner-reported issues to detail.

Consumer Reports found that the 2022 Lexus GX was capable off-road and had a “silky smooth powertrain.” It also offered buyers a luxurious interior with an easy-to-use navigation system. It doesn’t have the highest tow rating, but Consumer Reports found the V8 engine provided an “effortless punch.”

Price Range:  $55,425 – $64,935

Similar vehicles, very different scores from Consumer Reports


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There were a lot of similar SUVs on the reliability lists from Consumer Reports. The 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE was the only Mercedes-Benz to make the least reliable list. The Lexus GX was the only option from Lexus on the list of most reliable vehicles.

Toyota happened to have a variety of reliable vehicles heading into 2022. That includes the Toyota Prius Prime, Toyota Prius, and the Toyota Highlander. Not a bad year for Toyota, but is it ever? Both the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette and 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 made the list for unreliable Chevy vehicles.

For now, it seems like waiting a bit to purchase the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE might be in order. Perhaps Mercedes will release some updates to make the reliability score go up toward the start of the year. If you can get your hands on the 2022 Lexus GX, Consumer Reports approves of this decision.