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  • Speculation runs wild about the fate of the Mazda Miata
  • Mazda has confirmed a refresh is coming for 2022
  • A refreshed Mazda Miata puts the brakes on new orders for 2021

Shocking as this may be to hear, Mazda’s current Miata has been around since 2015. The Mazda Miata’s 30th anniversary was just a few short years ago. Now, Mazda has decided it’s about time one of their longest-running models got some love here in 2021. That means a refresh, and hopefully, a fresh new face.

The Mazda Miata isn’t dead yet

The MX-5 badge on the new Mazda Miata in red
The newest MX-5 will get a refresh soon | Mazda

For now, that means the current Mazda Miata is now officially out of production, maybe. Speculation continues to run wild on the fate of the current ND generation car. If you want one now, you’re best trying to find a used model. There may even be a few 2021 models on dealer lots somewhere. Eventually, the brand plans for an electrification of the Miata name, but for now we can’t expect a new model until at least 2024. All in all, the Miata’s future is dubious to say the least.

Thankfully, we’re all still able to enjoy the ICE version of the Miata while it lasts. The current generation has been a smash hit, to put it mildly. Next to the Toyota GR 86 and the Subaru BRZ, the Miata is one of the few small, low-powered, stick shift sports cars available in the U.S. for under $50,000. Despite a message on Mazda’s own website that says the current model is no longer being produced in Japan, Mazda USA says otherwise.

A big refresh is coming for the Miata

A red Miata RF shot from the front 3/4 on a concourse lawn
The current Miata has been around since 2015 | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

The folks over at Carscoops reached out to Mazda USA for comment on the status of the North American Mazda Miata. They were told that “there are no plans to stop production of the current generation MX-5.” That spokesperson also confirmed that an update for the 2022 model year will be announced in the next several weeks. Likely, this will coincide with whatever announcement comes for the Japanese model.

Obviously, that update could mean just about anything. As of yet, the newest Mazda Miata hasn’t changed much aesthetically in the last six years. So, a new front face could be on the table, as well as some minor cosmetic updates. That’s pretty much SOP for manufacturers, and Porsche has done the same thing with the 991.2 Porsche 911. Ideally, we’ll also see some new go-fast bits, but likely that won’t amount to anything major. That’ll all be saved for whatever the 2024 Mazda Miata will be.

Should you buy a Miata now or wait?

A grey Miata convertible shot from the front 3/4 on a city street
What changes will Mazda bring for 2023? | Mazda

This puts prospective Mazda Miata buyers in a bit of a bind. With the new announcement coming so soon, it’s a tough call on whether to pull the trigger on one now. Our advice? Wait and see what the refresh brings. The current Mazda Miata has few faults, but cars like the Mazda 3 are evidence that the brand is on a roll of late. This next Miata could be the one to have.


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