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The Lexus LX 600 is going off-road…but only in Japan. The 2022 Lexus LX 600 is the newest luxury SUV from the Japanese automaker. What trim-exclusive features does this special off-roading LX 600 include?

The 2022 Lexus LX 600 just got a new Japanese off-roading trim

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The 2022 Lexus LX 600 just made its international debut. The Japanese automaker has a surprise for Japan. The LX 600 will soon be available in the United States, but Japan is getting an exclusive trim.

According to Car and Driver, the new off-roading trim is called the LX 600 Offroad. The exclusive off-roading trim features three locking differentials. Locking differentials lock axles together to provide better traction and torque to wheels. The LX 600 Offroad includes locking differentials for the front, center, and rear of the SUV.

The LX 600 Offroad includes 18-inch wheels and all-terrain tires for dealing with tricky terrain. The off-road trim also features mild exterior changes, such as the addition of decorative features like plastic cladding to the SUV’s fenders.

The Lexus LX 600 shares a lineage with the famed Toyota Land Cruiser, so it’s a natural off-roader. The addition of locking differentials and all-terrain tires just make its ride even smoother off the beaten path.

Is the Lexus LX 600 Offroad a real off-roading trim?

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Lately, there has been an abundance of off-roading trims in the automotive industry. The Toyota Tacoma has become extremely popular during the global pandemic because of its amazing off-roading prowess. The automotive industry has observed the rise in demand for off-roading vehicles, and multiple automakers are unveiling off-roading trims to cash in on the newest trend.

As a result of the increased demand, some off-road trims are more for show than for practicality. It’s easy to slap some different colors and plastic onto an SUV or truck and create an outdoorsy off-roading trim. The question is, can these trims really hang?

The Lexus LX 600 Offroad offers just enough trail-ready goodies to qualify as a real off-roading trim. The inclusion of three locking differentials is the main contributor to the trim. As for all-terrain tires and a slight exterior adjustment, those are expected. The LX 600 Offroad seems like it has what it takes to crush a trail or an off-road course, but we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves.

Is the Lexus LX 600 Offroad coming to America?

A silver 2022 Lexus LX600 is parked in the sand.
The 2022 Lexus LX 600 | Lexus

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So far, there hasn’t been any news about the 2022 Lexus LX 600 Offroad making it to America. However, since there is an apparent demand for vehicles with off-roading trims, there’s a high possibility that some variation of an LX 600 off-roading trim will come to the United States. Do you need an LX 600 Offroad, or is it trail-ready as is?

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