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When the Kia K5 first hit dealership lots, it received rave reviews from drivers and journalists. This sedan is praised for its modern design, thoughtful equipment line-up, and on-road prowess. After living its formerly known as the Kia Optima, the new Kia K5 was impressive. With all of the positivity surrounding this sedan, the question remains, is the Kia K5 a luxury car?

What determines if a car is a luxury car?

The interior of the new 2022 Kia K5 sedan shows off some of its great luxury like dual-zone climate controls and 10.25-inch display
The Interior of a 2022 Kia K5 EX | Kia

A luxury car was based solely on the brand name in the past. When shoppers heard the term “luxury car,” their minds would immediately jump to the British, German, and Italian brands that were well known. On the other hand, brands such as Kia were known and respected for longevity and affordability.

Another determination around the term “luxury car” was using higher quality materials and parts to separate these models from the standard economy brands. But, in today’s market, that type of separation is not the most telling way to determine if a car is a luxury model or not. Many modern models now offer plenty of extraordinary materials and refinement to make the more budget-friendly models a great choice.

One of the final ways to determine a luxury car over an economy model was the warranty offered. In the past, luxury models would come with longer and more extensive warranties, while more affordable models would have a rather lackluster warranty. Again, this is an antiquated model of determining luxury because some of the best warranties are available on the most affordable models.

While separating an economy car and a luxury car may seem easy, there is more to that separation than before. As says, “There is no minimum price for a vehicle to be defined as a luxury car…,” so in today’s market, a driver can get something at a lower price but still enjoy great luxury.

Is Kia a luxury brand?

The stylish and sleek rear-end of the new 2022 Kia K5 GT sedan
The Rear-End of a 2022 Kia K5 GT| Kia

When it comes to Kia, it has certainly become a brand that drivers will consider because of the features and technology it can offer. In many Kia models, drivers and passengers can enjoy features that were, just a few years ago, reserved for many higher-priced competitors. These features can be had for pennies on the dollar in a relative sense. The Kia K5 is a perfect example of that, as the base models, such as the LX and LXS, offer some remarkable refinement for prices that are a comparative bargain.

The big question of “Is Kia a luxury brand,” does not have a straightforward answer. Some of the models and trim levels can be luxury offerings, but as a whole, no? Kia has many aspects similar to a luxury brand, such as high-end technology and high-quality materials. Still, because of the range of models and trim levels offered, Kia is more in line with an upmarket economy brand, which isn’t bad.

Can the new Kia K5 be considered a luxury sedan?

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Yes, and no. Of course, if you take out pricing from the equation, the Kia K5 wouldn’t fit the typical requirements. But when you dig deeper into this sedan, it can certainly offer some luxurious qualities and features. The new Kia K5 comes in a few different trim levels, and at the top-of-lineup, this sedan is certainly one of the best options in its price range!

If you’d like to get behind the wheel of a new Kia K5 and enjoy some incredible luxury, consider checking out the trim levels GT-Line, EX, and GT. These three top levels offer a sense of refinement and quality that would’ve cost you much more in the past. But, now, more drivers can get something that would constantly trick them into thinking that they spent much more money with a Kia K5. In many cases, if you were to cover up the Kia branding, drivers would undoubtedly think they are sitting in something with a legacy of luxury.

When you decide that a new Kia K5 is the perfect sedan for you, you are going to enjoy some great features like:

  • Soft SynTex seating (who can tell the difference between this and leather?)
  • Heated and ventilated front seating
  • Dual-zone climate controls
  • 10-way power front seats with lumbar support
  • Memory settings for the driver
  • A 12-Speaker Bose Audio System
  • 10.25-inch center display
  • A heated steering wheel

Few competing sedans will offer this level of refinement while also being friendly to your wallet.

Depending on the trim level, the new Kia K5 is luxurious

While the term luxurious can be subjective, it’s hard to disagree that the new Kia K5 can’t be luxurious. Sure, you could spend substantially more money to have a brand that onlookers would immediately recognize, but why do that? The Kia K5 is an excellent choice for a fraction of the price.

Consider shopping for the EX or GT, mainly to get the luxury you dream of. Before you realize it, you will be sitting behind the wheel of a sedan that could easily cost much more.


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