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Jeep is reinventing themselves as a luxury icon with the 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. And at 6,420 lbs, the Grand Wagoneer is a luxury overload. Packed with technology across every trim, you could easily settle for a base model and get excessive levels of tech. It’s upscale to the max, one could even call it excessive.

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Interior Views
2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Interior | Stellantis

The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is certainly grand

The 2022 Grand Wagoneer is sure to make you and all seven (or eight) of your passengers feel like royalty. Every row has available features and goodies to make the individual experience incredible. To see what I mean, let’s start with the driver.

You’ll find no shortage of screen size, a 12-inch navigation/touch display fitted with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. For your music, the Grand Wagoneer comes standard with a 19-speaker audio system, with the option for 23. Adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and even an automated parking system come standard. Not to mention a rearview and surround-view camera, which lets you observe the car from a bird’s eye perspective.

The passenger can enjoy seat memory just like the driver can, as well as other benefits of the car’s equipment. Built into the Grand Wagoneer is a 4G LTE hotspot, which makes using the internet a breeze. There are also back massagers built into the seat for both the passenger and the driver, in case you need to unwind while driving. But on top of that, the passenger has a disassociated touch screen so they can navigate music and other features without disrupting the navigation.

Oftentimes, the luxury features and comfort dip as you get to the second and third row of seats, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, both the second and third rows have power tilting and reclining as standard, though the third row is slightly more limited. And in the second row, you can also opt-in Amazon Fire TV for Auto, two displays for streaming your favorite shows on the go.

Most of the equipment I just prattled off comes as standard. But with that said, the Grand Wagoneer has a few shortcomings.

Make no mistake, the Grand Wagoneer is massive

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer
2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer | Stellantis

At 214 inches long, it’s a lot of car to operate. But Jeep does pride the 2022 Grand Wagoneer on being “the biggest small car,” despite its 123-inch wheelbase. But size isn’t the only thing that’s massive about the Grand Wagoneer, as the engine is colossal as well.

With a 6.4 V8 engine in every trim level, the Grand Wagoneer makes 471 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque. You can imagine that’s great for towing, and it is, able to haul 9,850 lbs. But you can safely assume that the Grand Wagoneer is a certified gas-guzzler. At its best, the Grand Wagoneer is getting 18 mpg on the highway.

Paired with a 26-gallon tank, that’ll get you roughly 468 miles per fill-up, a number some electric cars are starting to beat. But the real kicker of the Grand Wagoneer is its grand starting price of $87,590. Spec it all the way up, and you’re looking at a $105,000 truck (yes, this is basically a truck).

It’s the culmination of all things excessive, from excessive luxury to excessive size. Jeep stuffed it with features you’d rarely use, like a heated steering wheel and rearview camera washer (you know, to wash your rearview camera). But let’s entertain the penny pincher in all of us: if you take a step back and look at the Wagoneer, does it hold it’s own against its Grand… sibling?

Is the regular Wagoneer anywhere near as Grand?

2022 Grand Wagoneer (left) and 2022 Wagoneer (right)
2022 Grand Wagoneer (left) and 2022 Wagoneer (right) | Stellantis

The Wagoneer’s starting price is about $20,000 less than the 2022 Grand Wagoneer, at just $67,995. And to amplify Jeep’s new stance on the Wagoneer lineup being luxurious, it lacks any Jeep badges just like the Grand Wagoneer. But the key difference between the Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer is the engine.

Rather than a gas-only 6.4L V8, the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is a hybrid, a 42-volt battery paired to a 5.7L V8 that makes a combined 392 horsepower. The fuel economy still isn’t great, but it’s better, at 16 city and 22 highway. But with the same 26-gallon tank, the Wagoneer can go further than the Grand Wagoneer with every fillup. And even though the power and torque are lower, it can tow 10,000 lbs even, a smidge more than its big brother.

What you lose are all the little details: the parking assist, the real wood accents, the luxury floor mats. The luxury is toned down, but you’ll find everything you need, from wireless charging to the passenger’s seat touch display. Lane keep assist and blindspot detection systems are still standard too.

While writing this, I found the devil to be in the detail with these two models, and even between the trims. The base model 2022 Grand Wagoneer comes with more than enough stuff. But bump up the price by $20,000, and you’re looking at a car with more features than you knew were possible. The new Wagoneer lineup pulls out all the stops, ready to compete with Lincoln and Cadillac in the excessive SUV segment.


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