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After overhauling the Chief and tweaking the FTR, Indian is putting some other bikes in the 2022 update spotlight. And per an earlier NHTSA release, we knew that the entry-level Indian Scout and Scout Sixty cruisers were getting the next set of revisions. But at the time, the only solid bit of information was a trim name. Now, though, we can finally see what the 2022 Indian Scout and Scout Sixty Rogue have to offer.

The 2022 Indian Scout Rogue and Scout Sixty Rogue give the Bobber some sportier style

A matte-black 2022 Indian Scout Rogue in front of a blue one in a parking lot
2022 Indian Scout Rogue | Indian
2022 Indian Scout Rogue2022 Indian Scout Sixty Rogue
Engine1133cc liquid-cooled V-twin983cc liquid-cooled V-twin
Horsepower100 hp78 hp
Torque72 lb-ft65 lb-ft
TransmissionSix-speed manualFive-speed manual
Front suspension and travel41mm telescopic cartridge fork; 4.7” 41mm telescopic cartridge fork; 4.7”
Rear suspension and travelPreload-adjustable dual shocks; 2.0” Preload-adjustable dual shocks; 2.0”
Seat height25.6″25.6″
Curb weight545 lbs540 lbs

For 2022, the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty Rogue join the entry-level lineup as the third variant after the Bobber and standard trims. And mechanically, they’re identical to the other trims: same engines, transmissions, suspension, brakes, etc. Speaking of brakes, ABS is still optional on both Scouts.

Layout-wise, the 2022 Indian Scout and Scout Sixty Rogue take most after the Bobbers, Motorcycle Cruiser says. Mainly, that’s due to their somewhat-minimal rear suspension travel, solo seats, chopped fenders, and bar-end mirrors. Thankfully, the Rogues are compatible with Indian’s optional Fox fully-adjustable piggyback shocks, which add an extra inch of travel.

However, the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty Rogue aren’t just Bobbers in disguise. For one, it’s the first Scout trim that gets blacked-out valve covers; it was previously a Scout Sixty-only feature, Cruiser says. Secondly, the Rogues get standard fairings and proper mini-ape handlebars, rather than the pseudo-mini-apes that Bobbers get.

And then there’s the biggest change: the rolling stock.

These new cruisers bring more than new looks

A black accessorized 2022 Indian Scout Sixty Rogue in a parking lot
2022 Indian Scout Sixty Rogue with accessories | Indian

As standard, the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty roll on 16” wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. So do the Bobber variants. That recipe changes with the Rogue models, though.

Instead of 16” front wheels, the 2022 Indian Scout and Scout Sixty Rogue have 19” front wheels. And instead of Pirelli Night Dragon tires, they ride on Metzeler Cruisetec ones. But it’s the wheel swap that will likely have the biggest impact.

Broadly speaking, larger-diameter front wheels make motorcycles more stable. They also necessitate skinnier tires, which improve turn-in and countersteering response. Thus, theoretically, the Indian Scout Rogue bikes should feel sharper on twisty roads than the other models. And keep in mind, the Scout Bobber doesn’t exactly fall over itself in the corners.

In addition, although the Scout Rogues have solo seats like the Bobbers, they’re not the same seats. The Rogues’ saddles rise more in the rear and extend further back than Bobbers’ seats, which don’t offer enough long-distance support. But these new seats seemingly address those issues. Though if they don’t, accessory comfort seats are available.

Speaking of accessories, like the other Scouts, the 2022 Scout Rogue and Scout Sixty Rogue offer things like leather saddlebags, backrests, luggage racks, adaptive LED headlights, passenger pegs, and different exhausts. But they also introduce a new accessory that’s compatible with all 2015-2022 Scouts: a tachometer with shift light.

When can you ride the 2022 Indian Scout Rogue and Scout Sixty Rogue?

As of this writing, Indian hasn’t released a concrete availability date for the 2022 Scout Rogue and Scout Sixty Rogue beyond ‘early 2022.’ However, it has released pricing details:

  • 2022 Scout Rogue:
    • Black Metallic non-ABS: $11,499
    • ABS:
      • Black Metallic: $12,399
      • Black Smoke, Black Smoke Midnight, Sagebrush Smoke, Storm Blue: $12,899
      • Stealth Gray: $13,399
  • 2022 Scout Sixty Rogue:
    • Black Metallic non-ABS: $9999
    • ABS:
      • Black Metallic: $10,899
      • Bronze Smoke, Titanium Smoke: $11,399

So, will you go Rogue this summer?

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