The 2022 Hyundai Tucson Wants to Vanquish the Toyota RAV4

The Hyundai Tucson is back and better than ever. Seriously, the 2022 Hyundai Tucson adorns significant upgrades to consider. But are they good enough to take down the insanely popular Toyota RAV4? 

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson vs. the 2021 Toyota RAV4 

A red 2022 Hyundai Tucson driving on a dirt road
2022 Hyundai Tucson | Hyundai

You can get started in a 2021 Toyota RAV4 for about $26,350. The 2022 Hyundai Tucson comes in a bit cheaper with an MSRP of $24,950. These prices are listed before dealership markups, and destination fees have been added. 

The gas-powered RAV4 gets an EPA-estimated 28 mpg in the city and up to 35 mpg on the highway. The gas-powered Tucson gets an EPA-estimated 26 mpg and up to 33 mpg on the highway. 

However, the Tucson Hybrid gets an EPA-estimated 38 mpg in the city and on the highway. The RAV4 Hybrid gets an EPA-estimated 41 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. So the RAV is slightly more fuel-efficient. 

Does the Tucson or RAV4 have a better performance? 

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson has a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 190 hp and 182 lb-ft of torque. The Hyundai Tucson Hybrid pairs a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor to generate 227 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. 

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 has a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 203 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The Hybrid RAV4 features a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that’s paired with two electric motors to pump out 219 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. 

When properly equipped, the Tucson can tow up to 2,000 lbs. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10.2 seconds. The Hybrid Tucson reaches 60 mph in about 7.2 seconds. 

With the RAV4, you can tow up to 3,500 lbs. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 9.1 seconds. The Hybrid RAV reaches 60 mph in about 7.8 seconds. 

The Tucson has more responsive steering, while the RAV4 seems a little vague. But the RAV4 has a smarter all-wheel drive system for an above-average off-roading ability for a small SUV. The RAV4 has a quiet interior, but the Tucson offers a sense of quiet luxury. Also, the Tucson has a smoother ride

Does the Tucson or RAV4 have better features? 

a 2021 Toyota RAV4 parked in a scenic forested area
2021 Toyota RAV4 | Toyota USA

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson is a Bargain SUV

The 2021 Toyota RAV4 has 37.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats with 69.8 cubic feet total. The 2022 Hyundai Tucson provides 38.7 cubic feet of cargo space with up to 80.3 cubic feet total. 

With the Tucson, you get a standard 8.8-inch touchscreen that can be upgraded to a 10.3-inch unit. The RAV4 comes with a 7.0-inch touchscreen that can be upgraded to an 8.0-inch unit. Both SUVs come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Both SUVs come with standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection and lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assistance. But the 2021 RAV4 also includes standard adaptive cruise control. 

While the RAV4 is a little more powerful and capable, the Tucson offers more space and more advanced tech. Deciding between these two SUVs may come down to test driving them both.