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A long-awaited high-performance SUV from Hyundai will soon be making its way to the United States, according to the automaker. The Hyundai Kona will now be joining the other vehicles in Hyundai’s N division lineup. 

MotorTrend reports that this vehicle will utilize the same 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four that can be found in the Veloster N hot hatchback. Here’s everything you need to know about this new high-powered SUV.

The Hyundai Kona N’s design

According to MotorTrend, the Hyundai Kona N is completely redesigned for 2022 when compared to the standard Kona. Reviewers describe the Kona N as “sleeker” in exterior design than the Kona, which is impressive given the fact that even the non-performance Kona is fairly streamlined. 

The 2022 Kona N features a lower stance than the standard Kona. It also has a fairly aggressive face, which the automaker has upgraded with thinner headlights and larger air intakes. Additionally, there are now three small vents above the grille, which is very similar to the design of the Veloster N.

At the rear end of this vehicle, there is an enhanced diffuser, a dual exhaust muffler, and a double-wedge roof spoiler. MotorTrend also describes the tail lights as “menacing,” and observes that the new vehicle features a triangular third brake light that is not there on the standard Kona.

In other words, the Kona N doesn’t just offer higher performance speeds than the standard Kona. With its brand new design, it truly looks the part of a speedy performance vehicle.

Getting a boost from the N-Line


How Reliable Is the Hyundai Kona?

The Hyundai Kona N will be the first performance SUV available from Hyundai in the U.S. Car and Driver notes that it is also the second N division vehicle slated for release in the U.S., with the first being the Veloster N.

It has the same engine set up as the Veloster N, and will make 275 hp, a significant boost from the standard Kona’s 147 hp. Car and Driver note that this will put it in the same league as other compact performance SUVs, including the Mini John Cooper Works Countryman and the Mercedes-AMG GLA35.

Although the N division has been slow to come to the U.S. market, more of these vehicles are available in Europe and will likely never make their way across the Atlantic.

Some, such as the i20 N, are simply too small for the American market, according to Car and Driver. However, this is not an issue with the Kona, which has already been in the U.S. in non-N form since 2018.

Several other vehicles have also received the N-Line treatment from Hyundai. The automaker has revealed plans to release seven new N vehicles in the U.S. through 2022, Motor Authority reports.

These vehicles include an updated Veloster N, a new Elantra N and N Line, a new Sonata N Line, and a new Tucson N Line, in addition to the new Kona N and N Line.

When will we see the 2022 Hyundai Kona N in dealerships?

According to MotorTrend, the 2022 Hyundai Kona N should be available in dealerships at some point in late 2021. Hyundai has not yet released a significant amount of information regarding the appearance and specs of the Kona N — for example, we do not yet know whether it will come standard with front-wheel drive or all-wheel. Even so, we should continue to find out more and more as the year progresses. 

If you were already a fan of the Hyundai Kona, the next few months should be exciting as the automaker continues to release new information about its very first performance SUV for the U.S. market. Be sure to continue following the story in order to learn the latest news regarding this vehicle’s release.