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Article Highlights:

  • The new Elantra N brings more speed to the sedans
  • Albert Biermann’s BMW tastes are obvious in the new model
  • Unforutnately, there’s no word on pricing yet

Hyundai has an interesting thought process on the sedan. Why make a sedan when people are going to turn around and buy a Kona EV instead? And if that’s the case, why not make the sedan for those of us that really want it? Enter: the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N. It’s going to bring a little spice to the largely bland full-size sedan segment thanks to some goodies from Albert Biermann.

No AWD doesn’t have to mean no fun

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Biermann, maybe you’re familiar with some of his work. Biermann famously spent much of his automotive career at BMW building fast sedans and coupes like the legendary E46 BMW M3. Suffice to say, that Biermann was the right man for the job when Hyundai wanted to make the Veloster go fast. Now, it’s the Elantra’s turn.

Usually, that means a bigger motor and AWD, at least in this segment. However, you’ll find that there isn’t an extra set of driveshafts anywhere on the Elantra. It’s FWD only, and it’s best to think of it as a hot hatch that was drawn and quartered by Biermann. Thankfully, that also means the inclusion of a 6-speed manual transmission. Clearly, the bones are there for the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N.

BriNging Veloster fun to the sedan

The interior of the new Elantra N with blue stitching
Veloster bits have been lifted into the interior | Hyundai

And on paper, it looks like the rest of it is too. The specs are promising, with either that 6-speed manual or Hyundai’s DCT as an option. That transmission is hooked up to a 276 hp and 289 lb-ft turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Obviously, that’s a pretty rowdy powerplant. Fitting given the styling. Thankfully, the sound is about as rowdy as the rest, with the active exhaust letting out a handful of pops and bangs in the video above. Biermann has a thing for adjustability and customization, and a lot of that makes its way into the 2022 Elantra N.

Nearly everything can be customized, from the ride to the steering to the exhaust note. It’s almost too much if you ask us. Then there’s the host of chassis changes. The new N car gets a huge amount of chassis stiffening thanks to strut tower bars and an X-brace in the trunk. Hope you don’t need to move any lumber. Finally, there’s the brand’s “N Grin Shift” software for the DCT which adds an extra 10 hp for an extra 20 seconds.

The 2022 Hyundai Elantra N will start around $30k

A white Elantra N shot from the rear 3/4 at sunset
The new Elantra N | Hyundai

Evidently, the new 2022 Hyundai Elantra N means business. Unfortunately, the brand won’t give anyone the business on pricing yet, but we’re guessing right around $30,000. Clearly, the brand is gunning for the Civic Si. The effort Biermann has put into the N program continues to bear fruit, and we’re excited to see how it holds up against the competition.


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