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The Honda Ridgeline has long been the preferred truck for those looking for a mid-size truck that does not compromise on comfort. Riding on a unibody construction, it may not have the towing capacity or off-road chops like the Jeep Gladiator or Toyota Tacoma. But it makes up for that through things like back-seat space, standard all-wheel drive, and a competent V6 engine. The 2022 Honda Ridgeline is available in multiple trim levels. So, which trim delivers the best value and features?

Which Honda Ridgeline is best?

The Honda Ridgeline is a mid-size truck from Honda, it sits displayed at an auto show.
Honda Ridgeline | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

In terms of features and value, the 2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL offers a superior proposition. This trim is a step above the base Sport model and brings some notable changes. With a starting price tag of $40,620, buyers can enjoy things like leather-trimmed seating and a power moonroof. 

Those in colder climates are likely to appreciate the heated front seats and automatic climate control. There is also a leather-wrapped steering wheel and rear seats with under-seat storage. Which increases the usability of this small truck.

Additionally, the Ridgeline RTL boasts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This is complemented by a 200-watt audio system. And, like other Ridgeline models, the RTL comes with a V6 engine making 280 horsepower.

The RLT has an 8.0-inch touchscreen and push-button start. These help to make the Ridgeline feel like a truly modern truck.

What sets the 2022 Honda Ridgeline apart from the competition?

Honda's mid-size truck demonstrates its storage tricks.
Honda Ridgeline Storage | Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

There are several key factors that set the Ridgeline apart from other trucks in its segment. This truck offers a dual-action tailgate and a highly usable truck bed. It even features an underfloor trunk, for added storage. And despite having a short bed, it is fairly wide to improve usability.

It is important to keep in mind that the Ridgeline is a unibody truck. According to MotorTrend, it is the only unibody mid-size truck. While it can handle things like towing, light-offroading, and hauling things in its bed, ultimately a large focus is on comfort. Based on the same platform as the Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot, the Ridgeline rides more like a crossover than a truck. 

What is the Ridgeline Black Edition?

The Ridgeline Black Edition is the top-trim Honda Ridgeline. It comes with black trim accents as well as red ambient lighting. When it comes to safety features, the Black Edition is equipped with blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors, and a camera system with multiple angles. There is also adaptive cruise control for better highway driving.

How much does the 2022 Ridgeline cost?

A Honda Ridgeline truck is on display at a car show.
Honda Ridgeline | Todd Korol/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Why Is the Honda Ridgeline in Last Place?

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline has a starting price of $37,640. For just $3,000 more, buyers can enjoy the features offered to the TRL trim. The Sport trim lacks leather and heated seats. So by making the step up, shoppers can improve their time behind the wheel. Other trim pricing includes the RTL-E at $43,570 and the Black Edition trim with a price of $45,070. With a lineup of four different trim levels, finding the proper mid-size truck is an easy task with the new Honda Ridgeline.