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If you’re just getting into riding motorcycles, but don’t want to shell out thousands for a larger bike, then Honda’s miniMOTO line has you covered. This special lineup consists of small, affordable 125cc bikes that look like they’re outfitted for children, but in actuality, they can suit average-size adults just fine. For 2022, Honda is adding one more small bike to its miniMOTO lineup and it’s called the Navi.

What is the 2022 Honda Navi?

2022 Honda Navi shown in grasshopper green
2022 Honda Navi | Honda Powersports

The 2022 Honda Navi is the brand’s forthcoming inclusion into its miniMOTO lineup. The Navi has actually been available overseas for a few years, but it’s finally coming to the U.S. next year.  What sets the Navi apart from its minibike stablemates, like the Grom and Monkey, is that it uses a 110cc engine that’s connected to a V-Matic automatic transmission, which means that it should be even less daunting for new riders since there is no clutch to deal with.  

The Navi also has a low 30.1-inch seat height, which will make it accessible to riders of all various heights and sizes. But unlike a smaller scooter, like the Honda Ruckus, the Navi doesn’t have a step-through configuration. Instead, it shares a lot of its design cues with the Grom in that it looks more like a proper sportbike and you have to step over it to get onto it.  

“From the original Cub to the Grom, Honda has a proud legacy of producing miniMOTO models that open doors to new riders, and the Navi is set to extend that trend even further,” said Brandon Wilson, Sports & Experiential Manager at American Honda, in a press release. “This miniMOTO checks all the boxes for new riders, like a simple operation, a fun design, low operating costs, and Honda reliability – all for well under $2,000. We’re pleased to make motorcycling possible for more riders by offering the Navi in the U.S.”

The Navi has a few tricks up its sleeve

a side shot of the 2022 Honda Navi
2022 Honda Navi | Honda Powersports

While the Honda Navi is small, it’s actually comparable in size to the Grom. According to Honda’s specs, the Navi’s wheelbase measures in at 50.6 inches while the Grom measures in at 47.2 inches. Admittedly, that’s not a huge difference, but when you’re talking about small motorcycles like these, every inch counts. That small size difference also seemingly allows the Navi to afford a few tricks up its sleeve.

One trick is in the form of a small, lockable storage compartment that’s situated behind the front wheel. You may not be able to fit a full helmet into it, however, that space is much welcomed in a small city runner like the Navi. Additionally, you can even fit a passenger onto the Navi as the bike comes standard with a pair of rear pegs.

As for the tech specs, the Navi is equipped with a 10-inch front and 12-inch rear wheel in addition to a 26.8 mm telescopic-fork front suspension for better handling and road feel. And if you’re looking to customize your Navi to suit your personality, then you have four different colors to choose from: Red, Grasshopper Green, Nut Brown, and Ranger Green.

How much does the Honda Navi cost?

2022 Honda Navi top view
2022 Honda Navi | Honda Powersports

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As stated before, the 2022 Navi will cost less than $2,000. To be more specific, Honda announced that it will carry an MSRP of $1,807 before a $200 destination charge. That’s a pretty small price to pay for a brand-new bike that can easily zip you around town without a clutch – or gears – to mess with.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a Honda Navi, you’ll have to wait until after Christmas as the bike is slated to hit dealers in January of 2022.